The Face of G-d

Holy FUCKING shit it just hit me like thunder. I was in a YouTube trance and fuck it struck. Lightning from the heavens. :zap::zap::zap:

In the study of Kaballah we use different titles to describe things. AA Michael ( who is as G-d) he is referred to as the Lesser countance of G-d often.

Ok ok ok, a really deep mystery ( for me anyway ) came in the form of a teacher who cryptically asked me, what if G-d was one of us. Like the song… At the time I just said ok haha. This was much deeper than that. You know when you hear a phrase said in just the correct intonation, with just the right frame of mind at just the right time… it happened tonight.

We have never seen our own faces, except through the eyes of others, photos or videos , or reflections…

Reflections, reflections, being made in the image of G-d we ARE reflections of G-d yet in microcosmic stature. We ARE the way IT ( G-d ) experiences and sees and ITSELF. We are the reflection used, through the generations, through innumerable permutations of generativity, FUCK! Wow!

This is why we were made! So G-d could see itself!

Now this becomes clear!!!

“Know thou only that the Principalities of Heaven, the Virtues, and the Powers, are not Persons, but dignities.
They are the Degrees of the Sacred Ladder upon which the Spirits ascend and descend.”

Wow I’ll be fucked! I know I’m not the first to figure that out but when you’ve had a riddle stuck in your mind 2.5 decades that you’ve basically given up on and conceded defeat to, it’s a tremendous occasion (. For me, that doesn’t mean it is or needs to be for other people )even if other people say, " so what, what’s the big fucking deal, didn’t you know that already, haha dumbass". This is a fantastic moment!

This piece of the puzzle puts into place several seemingly unrelated or far away pieces now as well. That’s why it’s big ( to me ).

A thank to you to @Jk999 your Insight with regards to this material has helped me to gain much clarity.

I made this a topic instead of a journal entry because others familiar with these concepts kaballistic or otherwise may wish to share about their face of G-d reflected back at them also.



Nice, but I have a question… what is wrong with the letter O?

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@ReyCuervo Nothing I’m a big fan of the “O” lol. When we use this in kaballistic terms the word God, is considered too holy ( to be set apart and made special ) to write or say. Instead the word Adonai is typically used, which is another title of Divinity as expressed through the Sephiroth called Malkuth. Adonai means “Lord”

I’m not a Jewish person by birth, but out of respect for this particular tradition I follow the rules of the system. I’m not saying everyone else has to but for me, it’s right.

I hope that makes sense.

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It makes all the sense in the world! I was asking out of actual curiosity, my friend. Thank you for telling me :smiley:


This is rhp.

I have separated and alienated myself from the unity (of G-d, the universe) and seek to operate and expand my results, thereby becoming stronger as a deity, albeit in the flesh.
That stated, a great post! Love your work!

Ps. I hate the letter O.


It is @UncleAl …that may be a carry over from my start in the rhp…but is it wrong?

Yes I know, it’s my ambition to smash Tetragrammaton too, and I don’t know why I still have that reverential attitude…

Something I struggle with, I get pulled back and forth between these polarities…

I don’t even know that makes sense…


…that may be a carry over from my start in the rhp…

Ever noticed how many great/good lhp Magicians originated on the other, populous path? Like Satan, we rebelled, taking our knowledge with us. I’ve read your postings where you state that a rhp Magickal education stands you in good stead, and I agree.

Both paths lead to divinity. The rhp, as a drop re-entering the ocean and the lhp, as an isolated mass of water, getting bigger and stronger.



Some rabbis say that the word god comes from the word good, but I disagree.

According to qabbalah, the root of evil is in the world of creation that’s higher than the root of good that’s in the world of formation.

Also, the first man, before the creation of a woman was a hermaphrodite, this is according to legend, so the true face of god has to to be, in my eyes, two faces looking away from each other at 180 degree angle.

So, if I follow this logic the right face is the face of AA Michael and the left face the face of AA Gabriel/the shchina

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Al that was very insightful and encouraging and came at just the right timing. Thank you for that I needed to hear it said precisely so.