The Afterlife in Kabbalah

The way I was taught, In Kabbalah the afterlife is based on our beliefs in actions.

When we did we will go to an heaven and ot hell built by our wishes and deepest fears or Qlippoth. Thus there are different heavens and hells for different religions. Even individual heavens and hell’s

Good books on the subject are Minhat Yehuda by Rabbi Yehuda Fatiya the greatest exorcist in Judaism. Dion Fortune’s through the gates of death, The Works of Robert Monroe.

Having said that, there is no concept of eternal hell…or being stuck. There also seem to be different levels of heaven, a lower and higher Gan Eden. I’m not sure if The higher Gan Eden is Keter, where we seem to lose identity or rather are radically changed.


I believe you’re right. Hell is a bit of a Christian concept. Judaism really doesn’t even believe in a punishment for sins per se.


It depends on the sect, there are whacko Rabbi’s who teach kids that if they so much as touch themselves they’ll be in hell forever. This can be dangerous as in minhat Yehuda the hell you construct can be…well…really terrifying.

But for many modern more rational Jews hell is more a review of your life and feeling the guilt of your actions.

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These days even God knows about recycling.


My kabbalah instructors taught me very similar @Mider2009

I came to this on my own, let me kick it to you and see what you think and kick it back with your views.

I’ll start with…In some systems the astral world is divided "not by an actual line,.like a territory or country but by quality, vibration and resonance. You could call it for convenience the upper astral or lower astral.

There are parallels here to kedusha and Qlippoth also.

After death we leave our bodies to depart to the spirit world.

( unless somehow, usually due to a horrific trauma we can’t process the emotions from, or a very strong attachment, if that happens it’s not permanent but it’s a different can of worms, hence the Jewish tradition of , “sitting Shiva” to tell a recently deceased relative they have passed and need to move on)

We will likely be met by a guide, a family member or spirit we trust to guide us to where we belong. The upper astral is heaven like, peace, comfort, rest, perspective…

This lasts until it’s time for another go around or if it’s right the soul is absorbed into the thoughtful light of All to become One.

A criminal or terrible soul whose quality and vibration includes violence, hate, and evil qualities will be similarly guided ( or dragged) as it were into lower astral realms, the haunts of hateful birds of prey…ghosts and demons. A place just like who they are.

Now…for all of you who dismiss this as “mere Jewish tribal psychobabble”. I ask you to consider this. Do our material lives our real lives not often reflect our inner world? Criminals find themselves in terrible conditions in prisons if they are brought to justice by the forces that keep order, do they not? Monks and nuns sequester themselves away from the cares of this world to focus on tranquility, good works, and spiritual growth, their lives reflect this yes?

Most of us live a life of many colors and seasons, we change, grow and adapt and move forward finding our place in this world and being who we came here to be. Our lives change as we change.

We are drawn to people places and things that resonate with our qualities.

The same is likely so for the afterlife, if you lived your life for the most part well, then you probably have nothing much to worry about.

If anyone is interested in some of psychobabble I mentioned above I have a good text ( short) on the transmigration of the souls. I could be mistaken but the concept may be called “gilgulim”

Now ( I’m sorry this post is so long I don’t mean to pontificate actually) the traditional Jewish afterlife went like this ( in brief ) you die and go to sheol. She’ll translated too “the gloom” or “underworld” here you rest in a dark and sleepy place until it’s time to move on. That was THE WORST a man could expect.

Now wrap your mind around this good, and see how fucked up and distorted this was christianized and islamacisized.

The place of eternal darkness and torture and lakes of fire…

This was NOT a place men, no matter how bad would go. A man can do great evil yeah we know…bit a man is really really limited in his ability to do actual cosmic danger to the universe or machinery that keep the checks and balances in order. We just don’t have the power.

This terrible place of punishment was reserved for “wicked and rebellious angels”

This place is Sitra Ahra ( the OTHER side) in the truest and most real sense. The place partitioned off so it could contain the things that DO have the power to poison and destroy everything.

Men weren’t supposed to end up here.

I’ll close with this.

Understand almost ALL of the ABOVE is RHP kabbalist narrative. This view has dominated our world through the proliferation of JCI faiths for 2000 years now. But…as day to turns to night, things are changing, the tidal flux and reflux, the time of night is gaining ground, and if you’re watching carefully the truth is plainly there to see.
That which has been rejected and disenfranchised is not going to be silenced or erased, and it will not go away. Santa is coming…:wink:

If you want you want the truth, you need to see Sitra Ahra with your own eyes. Make a pilgrimage to see what is forbidden behind the veil. Then you’re gonna know for sure what is lies, propaganda and divine goal tending by one particular set of spiritual factions.

I’m not going to say more. It wouldn’t mean a damn thing if I did.


( This is how I currently understand this given what Ive seen, where I started, and where I am now, reader: it is highly likely I do not understand this with perfect clarity, I reserve the right to be wrong and change my views in the future. Thanks)


Hahaha funny

Yes, I was taught the same.

When we die we need help passing on, those Rituals of praying for the dead as you mentioned, like sitting with the body Jewish people do, or the Catholic mass for the dead.

The spirit has to be detached from the body, in Judaism it’s called the beatings of the grave, but it’s symbolic for how uncomfortable it is.

Some souls choose to run from being judged, they fear hell and judgment. They enter humans to hide and possess them, according to the Rabbis these are what possess people not demons, they are Dybbuk. The Dybbuk are hunted by a class of Angel that administer punishments

As they run from hell this is called the sling shot, in Judaism it’s when they don’t want you in hell yet. You may also have to reincarnate many times.

Of course this is my view in Kabbalah, I’m not imposing my beliefs.

A good book of what hell is like constructed by our minds is Minhat Yehuda. The Dybbuk describe their punishments to the exorcist.

Heaven is the same, constructed of our desires, whether it be home, peace, and even sex I assume looking at the Muslim tradition.

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Yes sir, you’ve got that right!

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Would you know if this was the seraphim?

I don’t actually know but I suspect this this so.

I’m not sure, I don’t think so, there seem to be various classes of angels, some who run things and some who do the grunt work. These angels were described as being born then just flying off to do their task.

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I think, not sure, but the Seraphim may be what’s called the dragons…remember the Serpent in Eden? That was a Seraph I think.

They may be angels who run things, what’s called the watchers. But I’m not sure.

There are angels who run things, the watchers, these are “the fallen angels” then above them there is another set who run them…I believe this includes Metatron, St Michael, etc

And below these two set are angels who run the workings of the universe…kinda like a maintenance crew…I think the angels mentioned in the book were of these class

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