Supra-Universal Gateway questions

hello everyone i am a person who runs like crazy in search of power,I did not want to be initiated into the kliphotic areas because this would cause a very heavy transformation for one’s development.

ok i have to pay for my transformation as i pass through the orbs in the universal portals and according to the angel mortfiel the universal portal is the way to divinity,But the only price I’m afraid to pay is for the people I love to die because of my test.

Noctulius protection, I would like to explain this protection to you as follows: a spirit and a harmful species cannot approach a being under protection by noctulius, and spirits cannot inflict accidents or bad luck on these people. cannot be canceled or revoked in any way.

Before I pass through these 8 orbs, I want to give Noctulius’ protection to the people I love so that they won’t be harmed by my transformation. Is this a logical decision?

Supra-Universal Gateway These were created by Odin and Horus. Crossing the 8 orbs, the magician gains absolute power and mastery.

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Can you provide links to give context to this work?


essentially this is info from an ebook vk jehennum provides to patreon members.

but i can share content like this

In traditional Qabbalah, Ain is viewed as the start of all things, but this is inaccurate. Beyond Ain (and Tohu) lies the Void. Between Tohu and the Void lies the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth, and between Ain and the Void lies the Supra-Universal Gateway. The Supra-Universal Gateway consists of eight spheres which emulate the structure of a pyramid, meaning that unlike the Sephiroth, its layout cannot be presented as a single twodimensional schema. The pathways or tunnels between the spheres alternate in their directions, and attempting to navigate them without a spirit guide is a very dangerous folly. The Supra-Universal Gateway is home to many metagods/oversouls of many varieties. While the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth was created by Apep, the Supra-Universal Gateway was created by a group of deities including Horus and Odin. The spheres of the Supra-Universal Gateway will open to those who have initiated through the Sephiroth and the Trans-Sephirothic Veils. Their alchemy is of a higher caliber than that which is offered by most magickal systems, and it will eventually bring the witch to a state of extreme adepthood. Initiating through the spheres of the SUG engenders longer trials than those imposed by Sephirothic initiation. The trials will be lifelong in duration unless they are overcome and learned from.

@DarkGodofQlippa thoughts on this?

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A little outside my paygrade bro


You’re running into why some of us don’t use his stuff, imo.


i love vk jehannum but i didn’t have success with her apps i don’t understand why.


If he was more clear about what is historical and what isn’t, I’d consider it more. Any time I watch one of his videos or read his stuff, I feel a sort of “push” away from it.

Personally, I don’t know VK. I haven’t made it through any of his videos, though. Tried several dozen times, over the years. Just isn’t for me. I’ve tried intently, though.


I know you don’t offer anything by putting official evidence behind it, most of the spells seem exaggerated to me.

evidence that a permanent spell was channeled from an entity says,I summoned a spirit and it gave me the spell,it’s not enough for me.

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I like the light, but I like the dark more.

As an inexperienced vagrant, I had great success in Archangel Raziel’s roadwork. I was fully conscious, but golden electric currents were circulating in my room. Countless black-robed beings were coming towards me one by one, passing through the flames that I saw with my left eye.

I was 15 years old and I started directly investigating whether it was a disease, then I thought I was dead and these spirits were actually angels of death but I waited for a while, nothing hurt me, I could still feel the physical world,Then I whispered in sudden excitement, “Come on, Raziel, all of a sudden, everything stopped and I could not reach Raziel again, although I have called many times, I am still looking for different souls to experience this way, each time to have this experience. The same thing from different beings.”

“activate my spiritual abilities and third eye” but invalid I haven’t had this experience again for 5 years.

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Dude I had no results with VKs stuff for almost a year. I had to get the knack of how to get it crackin now I love it.

Genesis 1:3 “Tohu wa-bohu”, without-form & void. Now, VK’s blind spot is language. His translations are lackluster. However, his way of doing things works very well. If I where him, I’d drop all notion of diety and spirit, and view this from the point-of-view of the antithesis of the hebrew letters.

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