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This is a survey to see who all would be intersted in starting off the new year with my magickal friends with benefits groups.

The way it works is each person would get a day assigned to them and on that day they do not do magick, the group does magick for them and their request of what they need to manifest in the new year. The next day will be someone else’s turn for everyone to do magick for them. That way everyone gets a super push of magick for their goal and they get to help others with theirs.

These usually take about a month to complete. So keep that in mind when voting. It would be a month of doing magick every day except one.

If I get enough yes votes then, I will post a sign up. Once I have a list with assigned days. It would go private.

I think the 90 day rule would still be in effect though. So you would need to have been a member here for 90 days. Or see if mods are ok with it.


Oh my god yeeees ! I’ve been thinking about it since the forum opened ! Great idea !


That’s amazing!


Can’t. Will be afk from the internet in part of January.


That sucks :cry:

But i understand.


What I really wanna know is, who wants spaghetti :spaghetti:?


Pfft…spaghetti is for people that have never had alfredo…



Also, I’ll go in with the FWB group.


I’m on board


God i wish i could. I have some health issues that make it unreliable for me to do something every day😖 i wish you all the best though!


@Veil @Arianna if I joined nov, 25th that would make it around feb, 25th I can be a part of this.

Can there be an exception to the ninety day rule, maybe another group will be available by this time or or I won’t be able to participate?

Ty for your time and have a great weekend :wink:


How set in stone is the no other magic rule? I’m like 40% through Sucess Magick.

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Oh on your day. It just means you take a break and let the group do your request. So its just a day off from the FWB thing. If you got something else your working on thats fine. To do that .

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As far as I am concerned, since it will be a private DM group, you are welcome to participate, if the person coordinating the group is OK with it. :slight_smile: Since it is conducted via DM we would generally leave this up to individuals’ judgment.


Ok, @Arianna so I’m in.

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46 percent say yes

And 23 percent say no

And 38% want spaghetti, :woman_shrugging:
Who knew spaghetti was so in demand. Maybe I need my own restaurants :spaghetti:

Putting these groups together and getting it all organized is alot of hard work. I’m just not sure if 46 percent is enough to make it worth the work.

I could possibly post a sign up and if i get enough people for a solid week then do it and repeat the workings for a second week. To make 2 weeks of full magick. Less people could mean more magick being done for the few. :thinking:


But what about method?
Everyone uses his method and ritual ? Cause for example I can’t evoke or invoke and I use tasking ritual of henry archer or Lucifer and Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose

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That method works too man

If someone works purely in their astral temple I don’t mind. As long as they are getting results and they feel good about what they’re doing.

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  1. Does that even work? Doing magic for someone else? I am a teacher and I am leery about having anyone “substitute” for me. It just ain’t the same. Ditto for magick, I fear.
  2. In terms of security, this seems questionable. Asking a group of strangers to, as it were, run my (magickal) business for me. Even well meaning ones are likely to prove less than fully reliable.

Or am I missing something here?

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