New Year Workings

2023 better watch out… I’m coming for it…

I will have some time on my hands and just cleaned some of my ritual items.

Much too clean (leave the poor burn pot alone…) Let’s dirty them up again in a night or two!

I’ll do workings for you, if you have a request. Reasonable ones, that is, and being the new year, consider something to bring something new or an improvement to your year.

I typically don’t do “get my ex back” stuff, because my heart/head wouldn’t be fully into it.

So, think of something and put it in here or send me a PM if it’s really personal. If they’re political, definitely a PM. No doxxing - PM that stuff as needed.

I plan on completing them by New Year’s Day, if they get in on time.


Damn this is awesome.

I’ll be sure to shoot you a PM when I get off work if I remember. Lol


This is cool. You’re awesome for doing this for people Norse


I’ll bite. “To develop the ability to transmute inner states”. If you wanna do two “To develop a wise/efficacious application of power”.

Thanks again :metal:t4:

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Get my financial ship in order and attain wealth and prosperity. Ty…

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