Slow Progress

At times in the past I have been bothered by my slow progress in spiritual pursuits. However, after this goes on for long enough, you realize that purification and perfection happens after heat is gradually applied over a long period of time.

This is how Alchemists purified metals. Nature does not rush towards completion. When something starts quickly and intensely, it rarely continues long, it does not endure. When things build up slowly, then it has endurance and strength.

So, by all means, contemplate and learn and practice fully. It takes time to mature. Progress at your own pace is fine, if you fully absorb what you learn, and build up something good little by little. “Make haste slowly”


What would you know? I did the entire Abramelin operation one rainy, Sunday afternoon and by just about supper time, I declared myself an Ipsissimus. Then I purchased a Church of Satan T-shirt and a cheap, inverted pentagram necklace, because being an Ipsissimus gives you credibility and a sense of style!