Palm Breathing Energy Exercise

Palm Breathing Energy Exercise

Qi emission (energy projection, manipulation, and absorption) is a valuable skill that can be trained overtime. One training technique outlined in Jerry Alan Johnson’s Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy: Vol. III is a simple palm breathing exercise. The first stage must be preformed twice a day for 100 days.


Step 01

Assume the Wuji posture and raise your hands up so that they inwardly face your Lower Dan Tien. Move your awareness to your Lower Dan Tien and breathe normally. Turn your hands so that they are facing one another and feel the energy begin to build up between them.

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Step 02

Press your lower back (Mingmen) backwards, noticing how the energy you gathered between your hands is redirected through your arms into your Lower Dan Tien. Release the pressure from your Mingmen and feel how the energy is redirected back between your palms.


Step 03

Move your awareness to the center of your right palm and intentionally push the energy into the center of your left palm. Retract it back to the center of your right palm.

Step 04

Pressure will begin to build as you “push and pull” the energy back and forth between the centres of your palms. Feel and hold the pressure for a while as you pass it back and forth, making sure to avoid touching your hands together.

Step 05

Repeat for 15-30 minutes, switching hands.

After one hundred days, go to Stage # 2.

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Note: Pushing / pulling energy from my right hand to left hand is more difficult and less “structured” (it’s wilder) than pushing / pulling from my left to right.