Daoist Black Magick Mirror Consecration & Charging Rite 🕯️⚫🕯️

Daoist Black Magick Mirror Consecration & Charging Rite

“In ancient China, the use of Breath Incantations and the release of the “Ancestral Breath” were required in order to charge the Magic Mirror…The actions of the following Daoist ritual are used in order to charge the mirror by fusing the observer’s Qi (internal and external energy) and Shen (conscious mind and subconscious mind) with the energetic field of the Magic Mirror. This ritual establishes a powerful energetic and spiritual link between the observer and the Magic Mirror, and is described as follows.”

(Jerry Allan Johnson)

*I have condensed and simplified this ritual a bit- though much of this is the original wording. This could be modified for your paradigm; Johnson himself goes over a bit of an Enochian version. For the full ritual with all of its Daoist trappings, please see the book listed at the end of this post.

  1. Create a sacred an shielded ritual space. Light two candles and place one on each side of the Magic Mirror. Enter trance.

  2. Connect with the Divine and pull an energetic cord of divine healing light into the crown chakra through the central and into the Lower Dantian.


  1. Place the Magic Mirror on its base in front of you, but continue to hold it with both hands forming a triangle over the surface of the mirror. Imagine and feel divine light flowing from the Lower Dantian, out the arms and penetrating the mirror’s energetic field.


  1. Exhale the seed word “Xu” (allow or permit) through the mouth while envisioning a golden yellow ray of light coming up from the Lower Dantian and exhale it over the surface of the mirror, like wind rippling the water of a still pond. Imagine the spirit of the Breath Incantation penetrating the mirror’s energetic matrix. Then inhale this same golden yellow vapor back into the body through the nose, until it reaches and connects with the center of your chest. This energetically attaches the observer’s energy and spirit to the energetic matrix of the Magic Mirror.

  2. Exhale the seed word “Bi” (is necessary), onto the surface of the Magic Mirror from the Lower Dantian. While inhaling the energy of the second word back into the body through the nose, combine its energetic nature with the energetic nature of the first character. The combined energies will be gathered on the tip of the tongue (while the mouth is closed). The internal blending of both of the Breath Incantation energies will generate saliva.

  3. Swallow the saliva and circulate the combined breath so that it is exhaled out of the mouth again over the surface of the Magic Mirror, imprinting its energetic structure with the Breath Incantation “the three lords have met.”

  4. Once the Breath Incantation has been sounded, inhale and imagine the three vapors joining together inside the solar plexus, forming into a small indigo pearl. This small indigo pearl will begin to vibrate, heat and glow brighter, until it transforms into a ball of red spiritual flames.

  5. The red spiritual flames will shoot upwards past the solar plexus, in a single line beneath the crown chakra, energizing the Crystal Palace and Nine Chambers of the Upper Dantian.


  1. Visualize a bright Sun immediately shining above your left eye, and a bright luminous full Moon shining above your right eye. Both luminous orbs will combine together forming a single white circle inside your Third Eye.

  2. Imagine that a drop of divine liquid falls from the luminous orb into the mouth. While exhaling, imagine and feel the energetic vapor issuing from the divine liquid onto the surface of the Magic Mirror. As you exhale, visualize that you are blowing away gray mist that obscures the depths of the black mirror (like wind that blows away clouds that veil the great mirror of the sky). Imagine that the black surface of the Magick Mirror becomes transparent and illuminated. When the energetic field of the mirror begins to respond and vibrate to the divine spiritual vapor whispered onto its surface, it is now ready.

  3. Draw an energetic circle around the circumference of the Magick Mirror. This energetic circle represents the energetic nature and transformation from the Dao into the infinite Wuji. While saying the Daoist magic Incantation “Kai” (“Open!”), focus and place the mind’s intention onto the center of the Magic Mirror.

(At this part of the consecration, Christian Mystics will generally chant the Enochian phrase: Za-car’ -ay, Zod-am’ -ran; Oh’ -doe Sic’-lay Kee’ -ah, meaning “Move! Show yourself! Open to the mysteries of your creation!”).

  1. Affirm that you can look into a depths of a mirror (not upon its surface). Imagine that you are looking into a deep dark well or spiritual window into spiritual realm to view the events occurring in the past, present, and future.

  2. Finally, exhale the “Thunder Breath” (gathered from the Gall Bladder) into the surface
    of the Magick Mirror in order to complete the ceremony. By meditating on the power of the Thunder Element and recalling its energetic power from the direction of the Heavenly Gate of Life, the energetic and spiritual power of the Magick Mirror is sealed and contained.



  1. After the Magick Mirror has been cleansed, consecrated, and charged, it is important to not allow anyone else to handle it (as it is now tuned to the energetic matrix of your own Qi and Shen. You may now begin to use the Magick Mirror, or perform the “Closing” described below and place it in a safe area away from the public.

The Closing

“Sometimes when observing the spiritual realm with the Magick Mirror, several spirits can be evoked. As some spiritual entities can be hostile, it is important to make sure that these unfriendly spirits have completely gone away and not flooded the environment with specific patterns that can be detrimental to the observer…in order to end the Magic Mirror viewing session, it is advised to proceed as follows:”

This is probably not going to resonate with most black magicians and will need a little modification.
  1. Using a very gentle, low, and slow tone of voice (and never sudden or forceful mannerisms), politely thank Source’s blessings for allowing you to observe the following visions. When you start working with spirit entities of any type, it is important to always show the utmost respect.

  2. Sometimes benevolent spirit entities will give you a type of symbol or signal (analogous to a phone number) in order to assist you in contacting them again. These are to be written down in a special book and kept away from the public. Send these spirit entities away with Source’s blessings. Be polite, but make sure that they go.

  3. Take a moment to “clear the mind and root the Heart.” Then tell your Magick Mirror that its time to “shut down.” Thank it again, and be careful to cherish it as you put it away. Insulate it from the various energies of the spiritual world by wrapping it in silk or covering it with a black silk cloth.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. III: Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Foundations, Treatment Principles and Clinical Protocols (Jerry Alan Johnson)


This is superb @Mythopoeia !


Cheers! I know you have a dedicated and well-used mirror already, but if do you ever try this, please share your experience.

I have a black mirror in storage that I’m going to try this on once I’m properly housed again, and finally get started with your excellent mirror evocation guide :slight_smile:


Actually I think I will try this rite. It makes perfect sense to my understanding metaphysically. I’m glad you posted that.


I’m excited to read about your experience!


I think actually I’m moved to perform this tonight or tomorrow night. My consecration of the black mirror seems a little lame now in comparison. Also there’s no time like like present to try something new and get something done. Time to mess around and find out for myself. Of course I’ll be happy to share the results with you all.



Thanks for sharing it this!! I some mirror stuff coming up soon-ish and I’ll probably use this.

Do you know if this work for normal (non-black) mirrors as well? I know it’s meant for them, but I’m just wondering if it can be used across the board for mirrors or is specific to black mirrors.

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I think so:

The purpose of the black surface of the Magic Mirror is to eliminate all reflections and give the illusion of looking into the depth of a deep, dark well. Since the observer has nothing to fix his or her gaze upon, it draws the awareness deep into the mirror’s spiritual pool…It was also believed that mirrors that have been painted black (Yin) on the convex side are excellent tools for developing clairvoyance. Today in China, there are still certain ancient Daoist sects that use a large drop of black ink smoothed over a special stone or placed inside a teacup as a Magic Mirror.

Later, Magic Mirrors were constructed from polished metals, usually silver, bronze (two parts copper one part tin), bell-metal (a combination of copper and tin), or a combination of silver and tin. However, the ancient Chinese bronze mirrors were believed to possess magical qualities on account of the wisdom they had absorbed. The best Magic Mirrors were believed to be those produced at Yang-zhou in Central China, particularly those made on the 5th day of the 5th month.


I gave this a shot and the mirror definitely vibrates more strongly now and I think my connection to it is deeper. I suspect that this will make easier to use or I’ll get more out of it.



Excellent! Did you do “Thunder Breath”? That part confused me a bit. There was no explanation in the text, or in any of his others. I checked several.


I charged my breath with electrical psychic energy and made a large exhale for that. I was kind of winging alot of this actually. Hope I got it closely enough to be effective as intended.


Finally able to do this on the total lunar eclipse! I made sure to capture the full moon in the mirror, and rubbed a little yarrow / bittersweet nightshade oil into the back of it (in the shape of blessing sigils)