Merry Yuletide

This Yuletide I’ll be stoned, drunk and will continue to try and kill myself via nicotine and caffeine overdose. Since teenage years I’ve been daily trying to OD on nicotine and caffeine, so far without success. But I keep trying, even during the so-called festive season.

Because it’s hot and humid, I’ll be relying on cold-brewed coffee and caffeine tablets to try and top myself. It’s never worked before, but I live in sanguine hope.

My atheistic, scientific brother will be visiting, but he loves the dope and piss as much as I do, maybe more. His big problem is that he doesn’t use tobacco. It’s so sad. He used to be a roll-your-own man, then he lapsed. I keep trying to get him into Magick – via Sigilization - but he’s an obstinate bastard.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all the members of The Occult Mirror a fantastic time this season – with relatives and others you can’t stand – because I intend to be both sanctified and wasted.

And just so you know, the two thousands years dead bastard – Old Numb Nuts – was conceived on the 25th of December 5BC and was born on the 29th of September 4BC. Study the Gospel According to Saint Luke.

Hail Satan!


Ps. Hope 2024 is great for you – even though I know it won’t be!


Happy Yuletide to you too, brother.

Hail Hermes, the big troll of Olympus!

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‘Crotchety, hard to please, pipe smoking, nasty older man seeks drop-dead gorgeous, blonde bombshell beauty queen – with ample breast - between 20-21 years. Must be dimly educated and own a distillery. Preference given to smokers with open minded, identical twin sister.’

I’m thinking of posting this on a Sugar Mommies’ dating site and just seeing how I go.


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