How strong can a maid be

Can a servant created for exemplary work directly interfere with a target’s thoughts and feelings?

can place certain thoughts in the brain and heart of a target,Is it possible?

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We call that a “servitor”. Related to the word “server” or “servant”, it means a spirit who performs tasks for you.

Yes, it is possible. However it may require practice. You may need to experiment with servitors before creating a powerful one for a specific purpose.

There are books about how to create servitors. I believe the author Damon Brand wrote one (someone correct me if I am wrong). And surely there are many other books or instructions or texts about the making of servitors or tulpas.


if well-fed (from planets or blood) When you are face-to-face with your target, you get an instant response when you ask him to take his breath away and stop his heart. be careful

He wrote this book, it’s a good read: