How to Create a Vampyric Shade (Michael Ford)

Creating a Vampyric Shade

This technique for creating a vampiric servitor comes from Michael Ford’s Akhkharu: Vampyre Magick.

  1. Create an object for the servitor- it should be based on what you want the servitor to embody.

  2. Light a single candle and use Karezza or non-climaxing ritual masterbation to charge the servitor.

  3. Anoint the sigil-object with your own blood, fluid, or saliva (consecration and giving the servitor charge of your own being).

  4. Name the servitor. Hold the sigil and focus your astral body flowing into it, giving it the initial charge it needs.

  5. Recite the mantra of the name until it is unintelligible and you seemingly forget the name on a conscious level.

  6. Bind it to you by chanting:

“In the name of Lilith, Mother of Vampires, I empower you object to be the shell which will house the vampiric servitor of Lilith. I name you ____. You will serve me in the way of drinking the astral blood of another. You will return it to me and I will grow stronger.”

  1. Using the Varcolaci - Astovidad sigil of the Black Order of the Dragon, sit in the meditative position, close your eyes, and visualise the Varcolaci sigil until it is vivid in your mind.

  2. Now visualise the sigil of the servitor you have created, holding it send it outward into the Varcolaci - Astovidad sigil through the center of the pentagram.

  3. Send the servitor forth; recall it after a period of 15 minutes or so.

  4. Allow the astral body of the servitor to flow back into you and with it the energy it drained from the chosen person.

  5. Allow the servitor to return to the object of what you have made for it.

The Varcolaci - Astovidad sigil

I don’t find these instructions to be very clear or well-written (they are almost all word-for-word from the book), and I am not a “Luciferian Witch”. I will modify this a bit and try it on the next dark moon, using vampiric beads as a material base.


I wonder if you could substitute the name Lilith with another?


I don’t see why not. I think all of this can be modified. But, I started out as a teenage chaos magician :woman_shrugging:

I don’t think any of this is channelled. I think he made it up to fit into his Luciferian paradigm.

I wouldn’t have the servitor bring the energy to me. I’d have it store the energy in the vampiric beads, or whatever it’s base is.

I also don’t think it would be a problem to climax during masturbatation; I have no idea why he would omit this. It’s rather the point with servitor launching, lol.

I hail the shit out of Lilith, but I would do the incantation in my own name. After all, Lilith isn’t making it, and it isn’t serving her, so why is she mom?


Making chaos magick boring is a crime unto itself…


Maybe he was being inclusive for those with plumbing issues… Yeah, had to have been it…


“I am _____ , your creator, and I empower you to be my vampiric servitor. I name you ____. You will serve me in the way of harvesting the life force of my target. You will return to me and keep their life force in these beads, which are your earthly home.”

Something along those lines. I’d elaborate more about their appearance, abilities, personality (if you’re giving it one), and lifespan.


Period. :black_heart:
I think the method could also be used to offer her (some of the servi vamped) energy when including a chant ?
She always likes… some lifeforce.


Her and ubis. I think that’s a great idea :slight_smile:


@norse900, @Arianna , @Secrana, @vverfault (… @Laurel_Spider ?), if you were designing a vampiric servitor, is there a specific energy center you would instruct if to drain from? Perhaps the middle Dan tien / solar plexus?

I figured I’d give it a “normal” feed mode, where they latch on to an energy center, and then a special “fuck you” mode where they induce fear to get the target to spill out energy…thoughts?

Much appreciated :new_moon:


:thinking: I think I’d go about this two ways. If you are well reversed with chakras, then yeah I’d agree about pulling from the Solar Plexus as a central energy source.

Otherwise, I’d look at it from an anatomical perspective. Finding a source from the blood of a person, the fatty part of them, or anything that resembles where one would pull a good amount of energy from.

As for baneful, in a more specific targeting, you can have the servitor attack like the root chakra to drain their sense of safety and security or their heart to drain them of their joy (putting it real simple, of course creativity where applicable).


I think it would depend on your intent for the draining. Any of the seven chakras or all of the seven chakras.

The root to drain grounding and stability
The sacral for sexual and creative energy
The solar plexus to drain their will power
The heart to drain love and emotions
The throat to drain their voice. Speech.
The third eye to drain their sight.
The crown to drain their connection to spirit and the divine.

So it would depend on your goals. Your intent for the draining. To drain love and lust you would hit the sacral and heart chakras.

To break their will you would target the solar plexus. And so on.


I’m thinking the “base mode” should just be reservoirs of energy:


Maybe here would be ideal:


From there, it can be directed to hit certain centers for “creative baneful” attacks tailored to the target.



Could get pretty nasty, in a daoist framework…
Guess it’ll learn as I learn.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

@Czar you’ve posted about TCM a few times; I’d love to hear any input you might have!


When my last thing happened those magicians hit all seven of my chakras. It was the most pain I’ve been in, emotionally, sexually and will power wise. It had me suicidal for a while afterwards and if it hadn’t been for Norse, I don’t know what would have happened. So, I know first hand what the experience of having all the chakras hit is like. If you want to completely drain someone. That’s one major way to do it.


I would rather give it effects tuat the draini g could focus on, after an initial “take from here”. For example, I have two servitors going after a few.dozen individuals and I’m.draining to cause effects, not just taking energy. I want their immune systems and mental endurance affected. I still have more energy in the draining stone than I can use.


Anytime, Mistress A.


Aww :blush:


….I don’t like servitors.

That said, I do have parasites :blush: so hopefully I can provide some semblance of a relevant answer.

My parasites latch onto people who brush against my energy, or who “wander into the web.” As soon as it get hits or “vibrates” a spider friend (a parasite I made) goes to find the person and attaches to them.

They drain standard energy, they drain happiness/positivity, they drain will, they drain movement energy, they sink in and basically terrorize the person’s whole system from the inside out (kind of like floating around in their bloodstream) via getting into and corrupting the meridians. I guess they drain sense of self/liveliness/being.

They chill in peoples meridians fucking with them (consuming power) is the best way to say it. So I can’t offer up words on chakra draining or “servitors,” but my parasites take energy that keeps someone going emotionally and physically and take from the well of “will” power that affects the person on pretty much all levels.


This is very cool :slight_smile:

If the parasites are not servitors, could you explain what they are?


Very cool. I used my black mirror to send some black widows to a target.


Who are these mysterious spider friends are where is everyone finding them??