Constructing a Djinn altar

This Djinn altar is intended for use with Corwin Hargroves “Practical Djinn Magick”

Note:. This is not necessary to practice the system as it is laid out in the book. The Djinn altar serves as a focus for the ritual and a connection point for Djinn energies. It is intended as a visual aid to the existing rituals as presented in the book.

What you need
A chess board and one full set of pieces

Step one: separate your three bishops. Those will serve as your Djinn of the day under the Kings command.

Step two: separate four pawns, these will be your four directional elders.

Step three: get three knights, two rooks, one queen and one king, these will be serve as your Djinn king’s of the day.

Step four: using marker mark on your board North, East, south and west as you see in this picture. Place a pawn on each location.

Step 5: Next mark each planetary symbol starting with Sunday and go through Saturday on your board. Then place your knights, rooks , queen and king on each of the symbols. These now represent the ruler of the day.

Step 6: in the boards four center most squares create a large square including all four center squares. This is where you will move the king of the day during the ceremony so that he is front and center and able to command his Djinn.

Step 7: line your three bishops up standing directly in front of your king of the day square. Now they are loyal soldiers ready to follow thier kings orders and manifest your wish.

There you have it. You even have room for the black candle and add some djinn attracting sandlewood incense to the mix for better results.

For ambience I play this in the backdrop. The djinn love it and it really helps me connect with them. Try it you’ll like it.

Any questions feel free to ask here or PM me