Spirit Palace Construction: Tutorial

Spirit Palace Construction: Tutorial

This is a tutorial for how to build a cloth “spirit palace” for spirits. It is a friendly take on the classic triangle of manifestitation and is not ideal for solomonic style evocation or for compelling spirits. This is a seat of honour and respect. You could make one tailored for a specific spirit. The one I made is a general evocation triangle.

Step One: Cut a small triangle out of drop cloth

My measurements / angles aren’t perfect. They don’t need to be, but you could employ (sacred) mathematics if you are a perfectionist or if that appeals to you.

I used acrylic paint to line it.

Step Two: Create a stylised border

I created a hypersigil from sigils I made for “respect”, “honor”, “welcome”, and “hail”. I used gold and purple acrylic paint pens to create a stylised border.

You could modify this by using bindrunes instead of sigils, for example.

Step Three: Create a throne sigil

I used acrylic paint pins to paint a hypersigil for “spirit palace”, “seat of honour”, and “throne”. Change this as you like.

Finally I filled I painted grounding sigils in the corners with acrylic paint pens. I filled the rest of it out with white acrylic paint.

I did not add any magical oils (etc) to the paint, but you could. Mullein or Dittany of Crete would be good candidates.

You could use a simple incense charging and consecration, or get as ceremonial as you please. You could build an astral construct onto it as well.

You could also create a “spirit prison” using the same basic method, to evoke and torture the spirits of your enemies. Or a simple spirit trap.

Depending on your style and comfort, it can be placed inside or outside of your circle.


Nice - taking Notes.


Maybe @norse900 will grace us with a human evocation and torment tutorial :eyes:


Do I have to admit to liking it in the tutorial? Love giving a helping backhand to predators…


Those are painful. But I guess that is the point.


I wouldn’t put someone in one for petty bullshit, but unfortunately the social systems currently in place do not tend to hold true predators / abusers accountable.

I’m truly sorry you were held that way.


Unfortunately I am in a position agree. Sometimes we do everything we can to get help the mundane right ways, and help just isn’t there.

It’s unfortunate to experience, and it’s one of those things you don’t even want to do to your worst enemy, but you also can’t let people just unjustly kill your either so there is unfortunately a place for this and similar.

I’ve come to realize that perhaps the answer is to empower people to stand for themselves when they have to and need to like this. If more people could defend themselves perhaps the bullies wouldn’t have a chance to do this shit to us.


My last experience was very traumatic. Thankfully, a friend stepped in to help. It was the worst Ive ever been through. And it was extremely painful in every way. Just over and over again.

But what are you gonna do cry about it, or get back up ? Maybe I learned something valuable that could help my friend or someone else. I certainly made my mental notes during the experience. I guess time will tell.


Well, you for one were exposed so next time is likely to not be as bad, like you’d be more used to it

But for two you would recognize it sooner, and possibly be able to react better or avoid it or turn it back on them or any number of things.

It’s hard to say what you learned for sure until you need to use to help yourself or someone else, but I just don’t think we go through these awful things for nothing.

I mean, someone has to survive and be strong and overcome so that everyone else has the courage to when it seems like they can’t, right?


Wow this is fantastic, I’m making one like this now. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you @Kindraathe ! I’m glad it is helpful :slight_smile:

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