Gods and demons - rap albums and rap battles


I want at least 720 votes in favor of this project
only then i would even care to start putting up the crowdfunding to get the finances
together, so we could petition some artists for this

(NOTE: these are just my initial ideas, we can adjust, discard or change parts of it later)

+Chinese gods shitting on china for being such a soulless mess
the gods of death and war would shit all over chinese society
and the solar gods or wealth related spirits would roast them for being unworthy
of their gifts

Mara would hangout with Buddha, smoking blunts in the pure realms
-seeing everything below them as a game

The green man would mock the other gods and present himself as the OG

SO, what do you say?

  • eh… not really my thing

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Come on!
Dont act as if Asmodeus and Sitri rapping in front of twerking succubi wouldnt be the coolest shit