Demon from the Abyss

About a week ago I was at home just chilling, and I got a vision of a dark hole full of water opening up in my backyard and this demon emerging from it.

I wasn’t afraid of it then and not now. It seemed sent there from a spirit I know but I won’t go into detail about that here. At least not just yet.

This demon was speaking to me of a pact. I honestly don’t do a lot of pacts. However, this one caught my attention. Possibly I will talk about that more later.

I discovered who this demon is and the spirit that requested he visit me. I am ok with that and hope to work with this demon soon.

I could and can very clearly see this demon. So, I decided to see if my little AI app could create a picture of him off the details I provided, and wow!! I was shocked how much it looked just like what I saw climbing through that watery pit.


Did you get a name from the demon itself? (Don’t tell me the name—it’s your affair.) I wouldn’t buy a car from a guy whose name he never volunteered, much less seal a pact with a demon. ESPECIALLY if the demon showed up unsolicited and started pitching me a pact. And what’s the spirit’s angle in this? Sounds possible you’re being played.

Yea, I did.

It was fun playing a new game.

I dont kiss and tell everything.
Not when Im just warming up.

I am told that the German ace, Von Richtofen bought himself a little silver trophy cup for each enemy he downed till he himself took a bullet to the head (but survived). Your styling dealings with demons a “game” brings that tale to mind, though I cannot aquite say why.

It’s not the demons themselves that are a game. But the next challenge, that they usually present to me.

It’s the thrill of the hunt.

the old jewish masters summoned demons in many ways so that they could then make contracts with them and be able to get rich or have more power

look at a lot of politics, especially in the USA and in general in the West and in big countries like Russia, they are all connected to demons , that controlled these peoples.

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In early 2006 I gifted Australia, New Zealand, Canada to be and all their peoples to ‘live’ in Special Economic Zones of the new Chinese Empire. Spiritual entities were involved. The Australian Taxation Office shouldn’t have raided my parents’ home!

Forty-one hours or so after that raid and forty-four hours after my most consequential Magickal working I received a telephone call and an explanation (thirdhand) from Lord Charlie Falconer about Vice-Regal Appointment documents, old Royal Seals and Jack William Straw.
That’s enough for now.
And all the very best, Arianna.


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