Cultivating a Relationship with Black Hellebore (Helleborus niger)

Cultivating a Relationship with Black Hellebore (Helleborus niger)

“Thou, three-faced Hekate, who comest conscious of my design, and ye charms of and the arts of enchanters, and thou, too, Earth, that does furnish enchanters with powerful herbs”

~Medea (Ovid, Metamorphoses)

The white “Christmas Roses” (Helleborus niger) that you might see popping up for sale around your local grocer are actually poisonous flowers that feature prominently in the myth, folklore, and magick of Ancient Europe. Hellebore has been (and is still) used for banishing, exorcisms, invisibility, clarity, and baneful work.

I purchased a beautiful potted Hellebore for the Dark Moon today and brought her home. I have written the following incantation for her, to be recited while I water her with water I charged during the November blood moon. @Secrana I found her at Edeka, if you want to bring one home as well.

Black Hellebore Incantation

Hail to thee Black Hellebore!
Friend unto the Exorcist
Who dispelled the murderous madness
Of ensorceled Hercules
Who drove out the Dionysian spirit
From the manic daughters of King Argos
Friend unto the Venefica
Who brought the thieving city of Kirrha
Down to its knees in poisonous wrath

Who blesses animals
Who makes sorcerers invisible
Who both wards off witches
And empowers their arts

In the name of three-faced Hekate
Who comes conscious of my designs
And of the charms and arts of enchanters
And in the name of the Earth
That furnishes enchanters with powerful herbs

Forever drive all evil spirits away from me
And bring me clarity!
Bring my enemies to their knees
And bring me victory!

Hail to thee, Black Hellebore!

Welcome Black Hellebore :cherry_blossom:


Good idea I live next to an edeka :nail_care:t2:


I very much enjoy your approach of invoking plants/herbs.


I love it too. Its fun… I never thought abojt that and I am surrounded by plants/ flowers at home.


Thank you! I’m excited to see the relationship grow. Hoping for a dream visit!


I’ve decided to start an herbal art journal / grimoire. First up will be lovely Black Hellebore. I’ll include this incantation, some dried petals from my balcony garden, and this sketch, done with mixed acrylic and Ink of the Green Devil.

Flower petals are fucking hard. Hopefully I’ll get better with time.

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