Sick Rose 🥀 : Experimental Hexing Powder

Sick Rose: Experimental Hexing Powder

I am working on a hexing powder that is meant to drain joy, energy, vitality, and health. It should combine nicely with vampiric energy work. I will catalogue it’s composition, use, and results here.


New Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, Hour of Saturn

I saturated rose petals, red raspberry leaves, and mistletoe in my evil eye tincture. This was not done in ritual, though I was pleased when I realised it was the hour of Saturn. I recited William Blake’s The Sick Rose over the jar.

I will dry and mortify them soon. I used living and dead bones, because that is what I had.

(the herbs behind the jar are a medicinal tincture of thyme, sage, horehound, mullein, and lapacho that I am making for the upcoming winter illnesses).


Waxing Gibbous Moon in Aries
Saturday, Hour of Mars (Retrograde)


I want to test her out tomorrow as part of a candle spell to ruin business, so I went ahead and blackened in the oven today. I didn’t take planetary timing into consideration.

It smells awful; definitely not something you would want to burn indoors!

Still needs to be charged in ritual.


I was going to use this with belladonna oil, but this oil :point_down: has me re-thinking :thinking::


Actually, a total lunar eclipse in Taurus with a retrograde Mars might be a stellar ( :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) time to ruin a business. I think I will save it for Tuesday.


Charged with Hekate and the Furies, added to said candle spell, and added to my (gestating) Three of Swords Oil.


I’m going to try this out in a jar spell with a physical link to my target, vinegar, datura seeds, graveyard dirt, dried patchouli, black peppercorns, chili flakes and something sharp. Dead insects / animals if I run into any.

I’ll probably seal it with candle wax from a baneful candle spell while reciting the Sick Rose poem. Then I’ll charge it with Hekate and the Fates. I’m mad, but not mad enough to call the Furies.

I have a nice small coffin box that I will fill consecrate and fill with earth; I will start using it as a baneful “graveyard” for sour jars. This will be my first deposit. I have never tried this method of deposit before, so am very open to any ideas/advice.


  1. Candle spell
  2. Jar spell
  3. Ritual with Hekate & Fates
  4. Deposit
  5. Cleanse
  6. Cord cut (I’ve done a lot of baneful work recently)

Waning Gibbous Moon in Cancer
Saturday, Hour of Mars (Retrograde)

I sprinkled the powder on their door mat and in front of their trash can (hour of Jupiter) saying:

“Oh [name], thou art sick.”

In the hour of Mars I cleansed a black candle, rubbed it with the physical link, carved the target’s name with sigils of pollution and waning, dressed it with blood moon water and evil eye tincture, fixed it to a plate, and surrounded it with sick rose powder. I did not light it.

I drew the same sigils on a black tile and set it on top of the physical link, behind the candle, propping up a Five of Pentacles tarot card.

I opened my temple and called Hekate and the Fates. We charged the candle together, at which point I recited a modified version of a silencing spell and lit it.

Stil in ritual, I took a small glass bottle, cleansed it, and put in a piece of the physical link (bound in their own tape) with the Sick Rose poem written on it. I added a crooked nail, chili flakes, peppercorns, datura seeds, patchouli, graveyard dirt, white vinegar, evil eye tincture, and poison hemlock oil.

I charged the bottle with Hekate and the Fates, sealed it with hand sigils and wax from the candle, and “buried it” in my coffin box (which still needs to be filled with graveyard dirt). I locked the box with hand sigils.

They will fall ill, suffer misfortune, become deeply depressed, shut the fuck up, and leave me alone. This is long-term.

The box itself was not cleansed or consececrated. I’ll figure that out when I get more graveyard dirt. I will probably house a spirit or a servitor in it. Enough energy was put into this particular working (on physical, astral, and empyrian levels) that I’m not worried about it. I brought the spell to them by sprinkling it on their thresholds, and brought them to the spell with the physical link. Besides, the box is locked.


@Mythopoeia this is awesome!! So happy I stumbled across it this morning. Looks amazing (aesthetically) and sounds super powerful. Thanks for sharing this working with us :grinning:


@Laurel_Spider thank you so much!! :relaxed: