Crypto & NFT Investments

In my life, I’ve noticed that many occultists are actually involved in the world of Crypto and NFTs. (More than I thought) And I’m curious to find out what kind of NFTs or tokens other occultists are investing in. I’m currently not holding many tokens right now. But the crypto markets have always worked in cycles over the years. After a couple years of flat markets, it looks like things might pick up again soon.

I’m mostly into Ethereum and Solana right now. If anyone here is willing to share, maybe we can exchange ideas.
Any NFTs or ERC-20 tokens you’re holding?


I’ve been holding xrp since 2017. Shiba, babydoge and Kishu since since 2020.

Just waiting for btc’s next halvening.

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Honestly, I had a strategy 2021 where I’d pay attention to what NFT projects were approaching release that have native project tokens. They usually had early releases of tokens that were openly available on things like DexTools. And those native tokens usually would pump real high on release and drop back down to nothing.

So I would buy those native project tokens as soon as they were available before release, (often at fractions of a cent) and instantly sell them the day the NFT project released, when everyone was actively trading them. I would make so much money that way, it was stupid. :smile:

I actually made my own NFT project specifically for occultists. But at the time, no one was interesting in occult NFT projects. It’s still mintable on the block chain. My discord is still there and everything.

2021 was a hell of a year for crypto. :smile:

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