Best Materials for Talismans

Currently, I am going through some trial and error when it comes to making talismans. What materials would you consider to be the best at holding an enchantment?

Example Materials:
Leather Sheets
Polyester Sheets
Hemp sheets

Any help with this would be appreciated.


Take a used tealight candle, hold by tin and with nail file, gently pry sides apart, and pull at with with fingernails, or stab and pull out candle.
Now you have an empty tealight tin. Yay, but so what?
Tin is the metal for Jupiter. So we shall make a Talisman for Jupiter with it.
Flatten the tin as best as you can, I usually fourfold it and stamp it down with a heavy book flat as can be with height and gravity.
Take a set of colored sharpies and go to town.

For holding an enchantment?

I heard an evangelical preacher say in Germany there was a glow in the dark cloak, and it took a group act gf faith prayer to break its power.


Metal is perhaps best. Particularly Silver and Gold. They can used as a good general metal. But otherwise the metal of the same nature as the spirit or force you are calling on is good.
Gemstones come next, in my opinion, but I wouldn’t say there’s much of a difference in power.

These two types of materials are widely accepting in our traditional sources when it comes to astrological talismans.

Next, I would say wax.


Avoid plastics - like polyester. But that’s just me, old fashioned.


Given some of the outfits on the older folk I saw growing up in the 80’s-90’s, this takes a whole new meaning :joy:

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I agree with @UncleAl. With Gems, also avoid heat treated Gems and otherwise unnaturally made Gemstones.


I think if you are making a talisman, whether you be satanist, luciferian, Wiccan, jewish, muslim, christian etc … use your Jupiter correspondence for the flattened tealight tin.

Also it should be prayed over according to your faith or beliefs.

It’s so sad being old fashioned, set in your ways and avoiding plastics. Frankly, I can’t see why you can’t use plastics - you can use mirrors, but I can’t use plastics. In a sense, I’m reiterating my prejudices for the inhibition of others. And that’s sad as well.


Wool is the new plastic, that or corduroy.

When it comes to the Planets, I would not recommend calling upon a spirit linked to that Planet through a system of correspondence. Odin is not Mercury, for example. They are not entirely interchangeable, in my opinion and experience. The Planets are their own beings, having their own intelligence. There is no need for a corresponding spirit.