Room Blessing Ritual

Room Blessing Ritual

“This ritual focuses on a single room and uses your associations with it as a basis for the blessing. As part of the blessing you will be creating a pouch to hang or place in the room. To prepare for this blessing, take some time to sit in the room you wish to bless and think about its identity. What color does the room’s energy remind you of? Use this color to help key the blessing to the room.”

I would heavily modify this by removing the bundle component and adding in visualization / energy work. I would probably use a charm bag or a piece of enchanted art / decor in place of the bundle.


• Candle in candleholder (white or colored)
• Matches or lighter
• Pinch salt (for water)
• Small cup water
• Square of fabric 4" × 4" (white or colored)
• 1 small amethyst or clear quartz
• Pinch salt (for pouch)
• 1 penny or other coin
• Narrow ribbon approximately 10" long (white or colored)

  1. Light the candle and place it in the center of the room. Say:

By the light of this sacred flame,
I bless this room.
May it be a place of harmony.

  1. Place the pinch of salt in the cup of water. Dip your finger in it and draw a line along the length of the threshold. Say:

With this water and this salt,
I bless the threshold of this room.
May those who enter it know peace.

  1. Take the square of cloth and place the stone, the pinch of salt, and the coin in it, saying:

This stone for harmony,
This salt for protection,
This coin for abundance.

  1. Gather up the corners of the cloth and tie it closed with the ribbon. Carefully pass the bundle above the flame of the candle, saying:

I seal this blessing with fire.
May this room always know light and love.

  1. Hang the bundle above the door or place it somewhere in the room where its energy can continue to bless it and say:

This room is blessed.

Ref: The House Witch (Arin Murphy-Hiscock)