Peridot Dream Spell

Peridot Dream Spell

Good to do on a Monday.

Obtain a small, uncut peridot from a gem shop or online. They are not expensive.

Bless your peridot and ask it to help you with your dream work. Before going to bed, burn a pale green candle, and write down anything you think may be causing you to have nightmares. Hide the paper and snuff out the candle. Place the peridot beneath your pillow. Visualize it protecting you, surrounding you with a green light as you fall asleep.

From the Witches spell a day almanac 2017.

I would add once you have over come the night mares to burn the paper. And recharge the peridot maybe every few months a least.

Its a simple spell and I think sometimes we get too caught up in being overly complex or dark. Dont underestimate the power in simple spells. One of the simplest spells I ever did got me a new car. :red_car:


Nice work. I always have to figure out how to use crystals in my work myself, so I like having sound ideas that are simple to use!

It doesn’t need to be complicated imop.

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Same. Sometimes simple is better.

If your busy juggling home, work, kids keeping it simple is great.

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Man I don’t wonder why my kids were older before I truly found my path… I was always so worried about trying to take care of them that I never did me. I couldn’t have done many of things I have then, I just couldn’t have.

:rofl:Even just having a husband seems like it takes all my time somedays!

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I didnt do alot when my kids were smaller.

You just dont have time. But my baby is a senior in high school now. So, old mom is just left home alone :rofl: Now i got too much time.

No husband either. Im just at the house like, ok what now.

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I feel like that when mines working.

He gives me a hard time about this forum project (jokingly) and I’m like but what would you have me do when you are gone for a few days… I’m home full time ya know so…

All I was doing was reading fiction books and sleeping too much when we started this project, because I was having a hard time with him being away…

My stepsons are both in their early twenties and starting their lives too, so I’m an interim where what I was just isn’t what’s needed.

I actually find it strange to be part of the elder part of my husbands family all of a sudden lol. My family is dead or distant so it’s all somewhat new to me. :rofl: