How to Repurpose Leftover Wax from Ritual Candles

How to Repurpose Leftover Wax from Ritual Candles

If you have cast a spell with multiple candles for a single cause, or burned down a series of candles in ritual / devotion to a single entity (or class of entity), you can “rebatch” the leftover wax into a new magical candle. This candle could be used in further spellwork, petitions, evocations, meditations, etc.

Step One

Collect the leftover pieces in a pot.

Step Two

Fill a slightly larger pot with water (low). Set the pot with wax into the larger pot and bring to boil. It is ok if there are some leftover herbs, etc., just not an abundance. You can also fish these out and clean the waxy surface of whatever you use with boiling water.

Be sure to fish out any leftover wick or wickholders!

Step Three

When the wax is melted completely, add any further ingredients. Magical oils, blood, etc. If using moonblood, make sure it is fresh. Power it up however you like; mantra, mudra, visualization, words of power, incantations, prayer, etc.

Step Four

Pour the wax into your mold or jar or whatever you’re using. I recommend silicon over plastic. I like to add the wick after, drilling a whole through the center with an awl and threading a wick through. This is not the normal approach, but I find it less messy / disastrous. You can easily find candle making techniques on YouTube or a candle making book.

Step Five

Let cool overnight. If you find that the center “implodes” and caves in, you can “plug it” with leftover wax. DO NOT heat a small chunk of the same wax up with a lighter and drip it, or you will end up with this:

Sorry Freya…

This came in extra handy with the candle above; my original bindrune candle to Freya, which I had energetically linked to a shrine I keep to her in the woods, was about to burn out. This candle is larger, imbued with her ritual oil, and is a more appropriate color.


Spellwork Example

The leftover wax from all of the candles from these wealth and petition spells:

Got repurposed into a future money bowl candle:


Aww, the little owl :owl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: