Rune Magick Journal

As the name implies, this will be a journal recording my experiences working with the runes. Currently, the plan is to keep things mainly focused on meditations, but I am keeping it open. My goal is to spend a week on each rune and record the effects focusing on that rune has, which can help me learn how to work with multiple runes at once in the form of bindrunes. So, without further delay, let me start this journal.


Fehu Day 1

For this meditation, I focused on a simple chanting meditation while visualizing fehu. I had a bottle of juice nearby that was not planned for the meditation but later played a rule (funny how that can happen). The chant was simply repeating the name Fehu slowly as I slipped into trance.

I visualized drawing the rune Fehu in a golden light as I began, feeling the atomsphere…“soften” as I slipped into chant. I watched the rune break apart into three lines, forming a door frame. Stepping into it, I say images of a white cow on ice, milk flowing freely. I paused as I reflected on moments where I focused too much on the struggles of my life and of lack. I projected those images into the river of milk, allowing it to flow away before I drank, allowing myself to take in nourishment. I felt a calm hand on my head during this point, like a parent reassuring their child. The imagery began to slip away as i felt I had been there long enough.

I watched the doorway form break apart into three lines again and reform the rune Fehu. I watched the rune dissolve into my drink and said a thank you as I drank, cisualizing taking the rune into my body. I grounded myself and brought myself back to awareness of my surroundings.

Feeling pretty calm now.


Fehu Day 2

Well, as it often happens when I work overtime, I managed to mess up my body with only one limb not in pain. So I decided to try to use Fehu for healing.

I visualized the rune forming in front of me as I chanted its name. The energy built slowly and I felt it pulsing. The imagery of a river came to mind and I felt it flow over me, carrying worries on my mind away from me. I got the thought that Fehu works more on the mind and heart than the body cross my mind. As the river passed, I saw my grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother (I knew them from wither life or through stories and photographs) tying splints on my limbs and wrapping bandages over them. The pain is still there but i feel a bit more stable physically now, which is good since I have more overtime tonight.

I also will be making an offering to my family who came to help me, as the exchange seems to be important when it comes to fehu.


Fehu Day 3

Getting back to it, I decided that today would be a continuation of using galdr to chant Fehu and visualizing the rune. I made another offering to my ancestors via incense before diving into it asking for additional guidance. I had some slow drumming music playing as I chanted.

The trance came in very quickly and the imagery of a boulder sitting inbetween three trees came to mind. Each of the trees had branches that shaped into Fehu. I watched the scenery shift rapidly between seasons, watching leaves grow, turn and fall. Years pass by to where the tress fell and began to rot, creating nutrients for new trees growing, their earlier branches creating the rune Fehu. I watched the boulder crack and another tree emerged, creating a fourth fehu. The branches began to glow and rise up, shifting until four runes appeared: fehu, gebo, uruz and othala. I got the impression that Fehu represents the exchange between resources and work that fuels the will of an individual to succeed and pass the knowledge down to future generations.

My session was interrupted by a very needy cat before I could dive deeper into it, but I feel like I got the general lesson.


Fehu Day 4 and Observations

So, let’s begin with some observations. When i started working with Fehu, I was not in an ideal financial situation. Three weeks ago, I got hit hard with Covid and was out for a week. Due to being out and coming back in the middle of both pay periods, it cut my pay down dramatically (like from nearly a grand a week to about $250). I am in the tail end of it so things are a little tight. That being said, my wife and I have noticed that pver the last few days, every time we give a small donation (such as spare change into a donation bin) something happens that leads to us getting a bit more money to stretch (such as someone we helped in the pasr repaying us, finding a ten during a walk, etc). Definitely has been helpful and something to be grateful for as things start to go back to normal. My injuries in my limbs that I used Fehu to help help are still not 100% but are getting better.

Reflecting on that and the fact that pretty much everyone in the house is struggling (as we all got sick at tr he same time), i decided to try visualizing Fehu in each corner of the house and “infuse” it into the property so prosperity flows into those who dwell in the home. As I began and pushed energy into the rune via chant, I felt like I was being drained more than expected. On a whim, I visualized Uruz and added it to the chant as I watched the runes combine, forming a bindrune. The energy seemed to stablize and intensify as I chanted them both and released the visualization when it peaked.

It was a little exhausting but I came out it feeling like it will manifest. I will share a drawing of the bind rune here later as I am currently about to leave for work.


Picture of the Bind Rune from Pervious Entry

As promised, here is the picture of the bindrune. Not exactly fancy but the idea of it is for Uruz to act as the “roots” of the work, providing the power and endurance much like how roots bring nutrients and water to the plant while also overcoming obstacles underground to do so. Fehu acts like the leaves and blossoms of the working, drawing in resources needed for the work to flourish. Or that is the idea.

Stacking the runes as opposed to laying over them seemed like a “safer” alternative for now to prevent the influence of other runes until I have more of a grasp on them. But I am sure I will get more creative with bindrunes as I get more experienced.


Fehu Day 5 and Bindrune observations

So, it seems the bindrune has had some effects already. Everyone in my household has noted they “found” means to address a need as well as a little extra. This has mainly came in the form of money to pay a bill or gas. I get the impression it could be used for other needs but I would have to experiement. I noticed that those who have a stronger will to work harder had bigger rewards for their needs, reinforcing what I have learned about Fehu.

I decided to recast this time, visualizing seven Uruz runes around me (one for each member of my household), chanting the rune’s name slowly, visualizing energy flowing into them. As the intensity build, I visualized the “legs” striking deep into the earth like roots, drawing up power. From their top lines, I visualized Fehu emerging and “blooming”, showering coins, grain and water. As the bind runes solidified, I pushed them out and visualized them going towards the foreheads of those who lived in my household, sinking in. I released the energy.

Not feeling drained afterward. In fact, my headache that I had going into it has lifted, so I am feeling pretty good.


Fehu Day 6 and Observations

Similiar results using the bindrune as last time, with the additional of others mentioning feeling a greater sense of calm, further supporting my theory that Fehu has an effect on easing the mind as well as manifesting resources.

I was laying down, trying to nap today when one of my eldest daughter’s cats who is very anxious by nature came in meowing and pacing on the bed. On a whim, I started to chant Fehu, visualizing the rune above me forming in a golden light. I put in my intention of calming the cat and visualized the light filling the room. The result was the cat laying on my chest and hust relaxing there as I chanted, purring. What I did not expect was all the other cats coming in and relaxing as well.

Based on my roommates’ mentioning, their snakes have also seemed calm as well. So I think I can say it was successful.

I would like to mention that minus the snakes, all our animals are fixed. I could see Fehu manifesting in increased fertility in theory so I would keep that in mind before working with it on animals.


I agree, animals seem to be more sensitive than us in many cases, so it makes sense to me that they would display behaviors indicative of such. Good work!


Fehu Day 7

I apologize for the gap in this journal, as a lot has been going on lately. Some has manifested in more wealth and resources, which required more mundane attention as opposed to magical. It is a good reminder that magic is like casting a net: it will grab opportunities like fish but you still have to pull it in yourself.

Anyways, for this session I drew the rune on my chest, over my heart. I took a few deep breathes and focused on my heart beat. I felt the pulse like a drum, visualizing it pushing blood and warmth to the skin where the rune is. I began to chant Fehu as I visualized that energy, that heat, pour into the rune making it glow red. I felt it pulse with my heart beat as the image of the rune being carved into an living oak popped in my mind, knowing the rune would exist there for many years. I knew that this rune’s influence will last far longer than the ink will as I released the energy.

I enjoyed the sense of calm before getting back to my responsiblities.


A Small Fehu spell

So, while I should be going theough my first day with Uruz, I thought I would share a little something I performed instead for tonight. At the end of every month, I perform a small spell to help bring in luck with finding needed resources into the home involving two ingredients: a pinch of cassia cinnamon and my breath.

I began by gazing at the palm of my hand, visualizing the lines beginning to glow as I activate my own personal sigil. I use this sigil to help focus my own energy and added the cinnamon to my palm, visualizing power run from my sigil into the powdered spice as an offering to give it some “life”. I made a small prayer to my ancestors to empower the cinnamon so it can bring the household luck to always find what is needed.

For a final layer of power, I drew the rune Fehu into the spice with my finger and chanted it softly, visualizing it glowing and dissolving into the powder. I then went out my front door, cracked it and blew the connaom through the threshold, “blowing” the luck into the home. I then poured our an offering to my ancestors at the base of the tree right out more door as thanks for their aid.


“…my wife and I have noticed that pver the last few days, every time we give a small donation (such as spare change into a donation bin) something happens that leads to us getting a bit more money to stretch (such as someone we helped in the pasr repaying us, finding a ten during a walk, etc).”

Get hold of Edred Thorrson’s books, especially Runelore and Futhark.


fehu fehu fehu
fu fa fi fe fo
of ef if af uf


Fehu originally meant ‘cattle’, perhaps the oldest form of wealth known t the Germanic peoples. Later it meant ‘money’. The secret teaching is that money won’t make you wealth if you don’t spend it - I’m thinking of Howard Hughes towards the end of his life. Similarly, your herd won’t increase if you don’t let them breed. It’s not static, it increases in power through circulation. (If everyone had ten billion dollars but no one spent it, everyone would be dirty poor!)

You’ve already noticed this via small donations. It’s both creative and destructive. Have you ever noticed how some smuck wins the lottery, but it’s gone in no time? This is because their money is too powerful for them to handle and they’re much more comfortable being poor.

You can also use the body posture of Fehu to send and direct energy - but I don’t have one arm higher then the other when I do it (just a personal thing).


So do you know of any spells or shadow work or whatever a shmuck could do before they won so that wouldn’t happen? Like would there be a way for the shmuck to be prepared in advance so that wouldn’t happen? Just curious .

How would they go about becoming more powerful then the money so they wouldn’t lose it if that’s the problem (you say it’s that the money is too powerful for them so I’m guessing they’d need to be too powerful for the money in order to keep it but that doesn’t sound right)?

In other words I’m asking how would someone prepare before winning so they don’t become the poor shmuck who wins then loses it all or fritters it away til they have nothing?

Add: not that shmuck will ever think to read this but hey if you answer maybe someone other then shmuck will avail themselves of the suggestions and be ready if they won the lottery and then they won’t end up like the poor shmuck

The main reason people aren’t wealthy is them! Deep down they know they don’t deserve wealth. They’re happy with their JOB (Just Over Broke). Why? Try parents, schoolteachers, religious figures, friends and the mass media.

Write bank deposit slips to yourself in huge amounts. Leave somewhere you’ll always see it; until your conscious mind no longer does - like a bathroom mirror, etc. Take one with you and look at it whenever a quite moment arises. You’re trying to preprogramme your subconscious mind, so that instead of acting as a forcefield keeping money away, it accepts the concept(s) of wealth and helps you draw wealth to you.

Banishing rituals work well to annihilate bad thoughts, habits, emotions, etc. See your fear of wealth, your poverty as a figure - than blast it with your pentagrams in all four/six directions. Then, after sometime you can start invoking wealth or work with Naamah. She’s really material!

Hope that helps.