Vampiric Beads 🧛

Here’s a technique I like to do. I have garnet mala beads. The108 count. The kind that have one big one with the ends of the cords.

Now what you can do is like a normal mantra but you would sit in a meditaitive state. And with each bead you would say," I put the blood " or life force or whatever you choose to vamp , into these beads. And you go around for all 108. Once you are finished you wear the beads down your back so that the strands and big bead can touch and connect to your spine. Where you are drawing in the blood (energy, life force of said target) it can give you great boosts of power and energy when needed.

I choose the garnet because it is very close to the color of blood. And i seem to be drawn to it naturally.

You can do this exercize as much as you feel the need. But I would say atleast once a week to keep it flowing and not grow stagnate.

I got busy doing other things and hadnt played with mine in a while. Thought about them today and figured I’d share.


I found myself a little over a year ago going through the seal of the sorcerer and into a subjects bloodstream and up to there heart.
And while hanging out there i took two small blood vessels pulled them off from the heart and attached those two small vessels to the two small strings at the end of my beads. Thus, a direct flow of life force into my beads. Used with the above mentioned mantra this proved very successful.

:upside_down_face: Have a nice day.


Visualize is key. You have to visualize your targets blood filling each bead as you recite your mantra.

See it. Feel it and know it is so.


This is amazing, I’ve been thinking of buying beads so this came at the right time!


Cool beans :sunglasses:


I ordered some garnet and silver obsidian beads. Gonna make this on the upcoming dark moon :new_moon:

Thanks for the inspo @Arianna ! :bat:


That’s awesome!! I’m excited for that! :drop_of_blood: :bat:



Great posts. It’s always amazed me why more lhp practitioners aren’t into chanting and beads - because it works!

Thanks again for posting!


It does work! I use a lot of chanting. And I have a couple of different beads for different things.

Welcome ! :blush:


Its very much like slavic magick… baba yaga loves it…


Or not, since the cord is too big for the bead holes, even though I specifically ordered a cord that is listed as being more narrow than the listed girth of the bead holes :triumph:

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Awww :cry:

Looks like my beads are needed, cause FAFO


Once around the beads, and already his circle flames are getting weaker, and dropping low.

Twice around…

I think 30 days is what I want.

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Hi @Arianna ,I’m just checking something here,Have you noticed an attack or the presence of a aggressor magician in the past days?Most likely a white magician woman who uses angels? I want to check to see how accurate the things I have seen are,i mean with my third eye

No, I haven’t experienced anything like that.

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Awesome post, love the idea. Definitely something I am considering to experiment with.


Three times around…

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Two things the charm at the tassel top is called Wu lu it helps to draw in negative spirits that cause misfortune and disease and it transmutes them into positive chi.

Love the beads!!! Next time look for a color called “red wine garnet” it looks like freshly spilled blood in the light of the sun…

This would be closer to the effect youre after here

A shade… or maybe it’s a huge rather, but I find it absolutely beautiful.


Those are pretty.

But I really like mine, I wanted a deep reddish rusty looking garnet.

Just my personal preference.

Which reminds me, time for another round.

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