Menstrual cycle and moon

What does it mean to have your cycle period start on every full koon? I ewad that its red moom cycle and it means creating lufe that I want, healer and art.

Thoughts on this?

Traditionally, the Moon rules over the Menstrual cycle (See: William Lilly, Christian Astrology, Page 580, 1647).

I’ve known of others who usually start menstruation either on the Full Moon or New Moon.

I’d say, this may be an indication that you’re especially in tune with the cycles of the world at large, in tune with the subtle spiritual changes behind everything.

Although, if we look at William Ramesey’s listing of the things ruled by the Sun in Book II of Astrologia Restaurata, it seems that menstruation is more linked with the New Moon specifically.

So, if your cycle is in reverse with the Moon’s cycle, it may mean that a rather big part of your life or your mindset or spiritual practice etc. is out of balance with the rest of the external world.

Just some suggestions!




I agree with this. I usually take it as a sign of alignment.


Alignment with the universe?

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Yes, but also like, alignment with your own magick and higher self as well.