Beginner's guide: Banish, cleanse & shield

The three basic elements for good spiritual hygiene are this: banish, cleanse and shield.

Making an habit of this actions will save you a great deal of headaches and scares. I strongly suggest you to apply what you’ll learn in this article. There are pitfalls to avoid and we have seen one too many person fell victim to parasitic infestation.

Banishing is quite simple: learn the rite and practice it every day. You don’t have to wait a year before you do anything else, but at least try to learn it without reading before proceeding. This is just memorizing a sequence of actions.

The most famous banishing rite out there is called Lesser Banishment Rite of the Pentagram and you can find it for free on the internet.

There are others. The chaos paradigm suggest to just imagine 4 things (angels… or robots, ninjas, superheroes) around you, in the cardinal points and proceed to imagine you release an explosion of energy from your chest. After that, only the 4 things should remain around you. And it works, but sometimes some more powerful actions may be needed, specially if you play with certain spirits.

Cleansing is even easier. Something, taking a shower after setting your intention of getting rid of everything that doesn’t serve you is enough. You can do the same with incense, for example. Some people says is not necessary if you already have to habit of banishing.

Shielding is a bit more complex. It consist in creating something that can protect you from basic attacks.

There are different type of shields, but the idea is that they can withstand the damage. From there, you can get shields that notify you when you’re being attacked, that reflects the damage or like mine, that hit twice as hard as it was intended.

We will write a full tutorial in servitor-shield creation. Otherwise, feel free to get one from our shop.