How do you guys deal with curses?

What do you if curses are causing physical harm, can anyone suggest something?

I’m not looking for return to sender rituals/spells but I wouldn’t mind either.

Banishing rituals can work as a force field. Just perform a Banishing - several times daily - until you learn how to do Banishings really quickly. You’ll feel energy changes.



as uncle al recommended, banish, do an rts, cleanse, redo wards.


All I’m getting is LBRP which I was told that wasn’t meant to remove or block curses.

@UncleAl @Celestia

Is there anything you guys can recommend? I’ll search again for something though.

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LBRP can be used imo, just set the intent. A banishing is a banishing, you could also work with a protective spirit to do a curse breaking.

First, a banishing. Multiple times if needed. Then, possibly a reversal spell. There’s a really simple one I’ve used on here somewhere I’ve used for multiple purposes including breaking a binding on a friend so it could, with minor adjustments, be effective in a curse.

But before any of that, make sure it is actually a curse and not something else. You can do this with divination or asking a spirit you regularly work with. Things like a bad binding, a love spell gone awry or even a muggle who doesn’t know they’re doing it sending you the evil eye can all cause curse like effects. Knowing what type of magick your dealing with (to some level of certainty) will allow you to tailor your response.

But yes, sorry for the rambling reply… Work out what you’re dealing with, banish banish banish, reversal, then more banishing if needed. Might sound OTT, but better to Cover all your based at the start than to be caught lacking

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Pentagram Rituals

“Those who regard this ritual as a mere device to invoke and banish spirits, are unworthy to possess it.” Aleister Crowley (Footnote to ‘Palace of the World’)

With the possible exception of wine, cigars and coffee, more shit has been written and believed concerning Banishing Rituals than almost anything else. “Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve.” Liber Al 2: 58.


The purpose of any Banishing ritual is two-fold: primarily, to isolate the Magician from mundane consciousness and to a lesser extent, to clear and re-enforce the atmosphere chosen for Magickal work. Both purposes are inter-related and indivisible. Properly performed, Banishings allow the Magician to more rapidly gain Magickal concentration (a la Pavlov’s dog) and to better resist unforeseen and unpleasant consequences which usually manifest in pedestrian consciousness but have their genesis in the rarefied atmosphere of Magickal working. A Banishing or Invoking ritual – like all Magick – works both on your individual (internal) world and on the mundane (external) world.

Many practitioners recommend a Magickal weapon to assist in Banishing and Invoking. Your Wand, your Dagger (Sword or Knife) or your Magickal ring can work just fine, for in banishing (or invoking) a Magickal weapon is good, but not mandatory advice! The first and second finger held like a gun can work just as well and are always to hand!

A common problem is that practitioners rarely spend the time required to even rudimentarily use the Pentagram ritual, let alone develop it. To properly use the invoking or banishing pentagrams takes more time than may first be apparent. One method of assisting in proper tracing is to keep your eyes on your left hand as its fingers (or the weapon it manoeuvres) traces the pentagrams. You should strive to see the pentagrams as and after these have been traced – eventually you will.

Perhaps the best method of developing your banishing/invoking ritual is to image you are doing it in front of a large crowd of people. You need to impress them as much as yourself and the more you practice the more you will learn.


I’m an older Magician, half pissed on G&T, but forget everything else and learn and practice a Banishing Ritual. Do it repeatedly, because eventually you’ll feel energy movement. Imaging this is your scene in a Hollywood movie – perform your Banishing with gusto!

After you feel energy movement, keep practicing until you can perform a quick banishing, in the street if necessary. Sure, it’s boring stuff – but so elementary and will stand you in good stead.

Eventually, you may get around to reversing the process for purposes of evocation/invocation. But I’m half pissed, so just don’t worry about it!


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