The Witches' Ladder 🪶

The Witches’ Ladder

“One of the most widely known charms for accomplishing a vareity of objectives is the witches’ ladder. This is a length of yarn or twine into which nine feathers have been knotted. Asbeach knot is tied, the witch speaks the appropriate charm.”

~Roger J. Horne

I tie this knot in need of ___ .
The next I tie in the Devil’s name.
The third to fix it by my will.
The fourth to hold it fast and firm.
The fifth one to bind it evermore.
The sixth fastens the wish herein.
The seventh brings it nearer still.
The eighth makes it almost true.
The ninth completes the ladder by which,
I climb and reach for ___ .

“When your finished, hold the ladder in your hands and feel its power awakening to manifest your desires. You may hang the ladder in some secret place or leave it upon your altar. At any point, to strengthen the spell, you may touch each knot individually, repeating your words with intention as you go along.”



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