Witch's Ladder of Command: Creating a Physical Link to a Target

Witch’s Ladder of Command: Creating a Physical Link to a Target

"The more personal the link, the stronger the outcome…Pictures are excellent to help your focus when used together with a personal link, but are surprisingly weak links in and of themselves. As for just thinking of the person purely mental efforts in magick yield purely mental results. If you want tangible results, make tangible efforts. Go for something more personal…establish a link with…a Witch’s ladder to capture their voice.”

~Jason Miller


  • String (preferably of a color that corresponds to the type of influence you wish to exert)
  • Salt Water or Whiskey

Step One: Cleanse

Cleanse the string with salt water or whiskey to remove any previous patterning. IMO, you could use another form of cleansing if you’d like; chanting, censing, mudra, etc.

Step Two: Capture

Take the string somewhere that you will be in earshot of the target, but not seen. Tie a knot loosely in the string, but do not pull it tight yet. Call the target’s name, and the exact moment they answer, pull the knot tight.

Do this until there are 10 knots in the string, and then once more to seal the loop with the eleventh and final knot. Obviously you will be a bit conspicuous, not to mention annoying, if you try to get all 11 knots in one day, so break it up throughout several days.

Step Three: Command

Once you have your ladder of 11 knots, you can use it in a number of ways. You can dress it with appropriate magickal oil. You can even wear it as a necklace or bracelet to signify that you have this person “wrapped around your finger.” You can sew it into a poppet, curse it, bless it, bind it somone / something else, etc.


Ref: The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick (Jason Miller)


That’s really cool :sunglasses:


Great post. I particularly liked the Jason Miller quote because I completely agree.

In baneful work it’s important to separate yourself from your victim via banishing (in every sense); because often victims have bad stuff that can infect you - if you inadvertently create a link. I also like the number eleven, for my own strange reasons.


Yes I’ve experienced blowback that way myself. It’s critical to sever all ties.