Epiphany Episcopal Church (Odenton)

I tried coming here a few months ago, but the mowing crews got in the way. I was in the area yesterday and had the place to myself.


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The interesting thing about this small, little graveyard was all of the statues and trinkets that have been left on there. This area is still mainly houses and businesses a block away, so it’s still accessible (train station is less than a mile away) and not susceptible to urban decay like some of the others. It’s also not as old, so there are plenty of direct family members still alive.

I did move some branches off of some.ofmthe graves from the storm the other day and was a stone was offered, but I didn’t take one. I didn’t resonate with this graveyard, though I was welcome in it.

No large interactions in this one, which is partially why I didn’t take a stone. Besides, if I know how the graveyard feels, I can access it. Not quite the same, but it would work.

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