A private matter

Is it alright for me to do a political working in private
like in Arians poli work?

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Yea, as long as its done privately.

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You can give vague information to see if there is general interest, if you want it to be a group working

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Now, from what I get this is experimental & I need to wait 90 days to do this

I think you do have to be a member 90 days. But you could ask one of the mods to verify.

@norse900 , @Veil , @ReyCuervo , @Nephenthe


Yes, you are allowed to do political group workings in private/in DMs.

We would ask you to be active for 90 days first; this also gives you the benefit of interacting with the community and getting to know everyone/everyone getting to know you, which may increase the chance of people wanting to join the group working. :slight_smile: