Your Favorite Way to Get Through Wards?

What’s your favorite way to handle pesky wards on your targets? Does it vary depending on certain factors?

I’ll open by saying I’m not as big into taking them down as I am getting through/around them. I like wandering over to see what kind of wards a person has (I can’t like see-see them but generally if you’re close enough and willing to poke they let you know what they’re for). Most people don’t have straight up offensive wards which lowers the risk involved. And after that I take a moment and decide if I can handle it or want some help that usually would come from a Goetia spirit.

Sometimes if I push a bit of energy at them, they just let me/my magick in. Sometimes, I’ve learned, you can give them something as an offering (read: trick). Sometimes I do destructive work to get them down. And sometimes I ask for help. So what’s your favorite method?


I don’t really perform baneful Magick, unless it’s at the request of others, but I’ll weigh in for whatever it’s worth.

Getting past peoples’ wards, I usually just kind of… Send a very subtle tendril out to find a gap and then I can gently push through. Like air flowing through a mesh screen but on a miniscule scale. But again, since I don’t really do baneful workings, the other person is usually expecting/consenting or has no resistance because my intent isn’t harmful.


I put it here because I thought it fell into the protection/baneful umbrella because it’s about warding. I’ve been considering wards lately for reasons unrelated to baneful though.

That’s really cool! I hadn’t considered looking for “gaps” before with this method.


Oh yep no worries about that at all.

Any other baneful work I’ve done in group workings was aimed at non-practitioners, so I just sent Tū or Sabnock or whomever after them and washed my hands of it.


This is one of the ways I do it, but I squeeze myself through it.

I’ve mentally projected places and can act on that location similarly to a taglock. This usually means I get near and sniff the defenses out. Then choose a location inside and if they haven’t been good about their hygiene or didn’t consider such a thing, I’m in and can act within that space.

You can also slowly unravel them by dissipating the energy holding it together. Nice and slow and it fades away. Rinse and repeat.

For shigs, if I feel it’s a reactive shield or similar, I’ve been known to enclose the whole thing in a reflective ward and then ping it. Whosever has the most juice lasts the longest and I can keep feeding mine. Pretty noisy, so it’s best done as a warning.


I burn a candle to weaken their wards. As the candle burns itself away so does the target’s protections.


If I am not feeding off the shields directly, I use a method similiar to what @Veil and @norse900 mentioned. This method is actually inspired by how female mosquitos collect blood. I shape my own energy into the form of a very thin needle with two inner tubes with the intention of “exchange” as opposed to strictly harm. I feel for a weakness and pierce into it visualizing it pentrating their body. I then focus on taking in energy from the target to use to maintain the needle through one tube. At the same time, I deposit energy of my choice directly into the target (such as imagery of diseases manifesting, fear, basically whatever I want to happento them) through the other tube.

The important part is to visualize pulling the needle out of the target when I am done to break the temporary link that was created and use up or ground whatever leftover energy was colleced from the target.