Why you should not "solar infuse" your magickal oils

There are the spiritual properties of the sun, and then there is the physical sun, and the beams of UV radiation it emits down to the earth are very real. So is the damage your herbs and their compounds will take from said radiation if you use the light from the sun to extract them.

Heat extractions (like in a crock pot) are one thing, but you are not doing your oil any favours by leaving it in the sun! Especially if this is a medicinal oil. If you really want a “sun infusion”, use a solar sigil and brief exposure instead.


The shelf life is longer also. Sun exposure makes it get icky faster for some reason. It must break down some of the chemicals in the oil.


Probably why when historians write stuff like the Cadfael Chronicles they have the medieval monks doing herbal stuff (excluding the actual collection of the herbs) set indoors with them drying hanging by a fire or boiling on one. Wonder if it’s accurate that they had their own buildings (workshops) to do it in. Or did they do like most nowadays and dry them in a kitchen or garage or shed (back then I guess garage would be stable)


An early blunder I made was FRYING my herbs in oil to make a money oil. Please, do not repeat this mistake. If you use heat, do it over the course of hours in a crock pot. Don’t flash fry your herbs in a pan :woman_facepalming:


That reminds me of boiling stuff on the stove. You gotta stay there mid open eyes on the stuff if you get impatient and select maximum heat. You just can’t take your eyes off it or it boils over and goes all over the stove top and some hits the floor. Lesson learned in my case. Sounds like you learned a lesson too (and the rest of us learned it from you re trying to fry rapidly).