White light half truths -where are the good pieces?

I enjoy listening to various people, some folks feel pretty fun to me
-while others are interesting precisely because they have different views than me.

I do enjoy a decent trial of faith (=being confronted with opposing argumnts, and then havign to digest it in order to see if my believes are true/need adjustment or were false).

But this is one of those times when im jsut feelign a tad confused.
Personally, i would say that what he describes…

-(about sacrifices) actually makes sense. Im not going to talk about the perceived morality of the situation, but i acknowledge that practices (as he describes) are in deed able to empower you. Though, most people shouldnt and could not engage in those practices.

-(about “lower dimensional beigns”) is partially false, and mostly just about people being in a bad place and not putting up proper boundaries with the entities they more or less consciously interact with, and in general ignorant about who/what they allow in their personal space

-much of what he is saying about dimensions, spirituality and the potential of children, is true

-i like how he is saying that certain entities will convince you of their power, while they are not

  • i get the impression that his sort of doctrine/paradigm was once useful, for people who are spiritually dependent. It makes sense, that a people who dont even know about basic chaos magic, should stay away from making big sacrifices and blindly making deals with unsavory entities or awful aspects of otherwise pretty decent entities.

But what do you tihnk about this?

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Is this topic related to that video?


yes, since im referencing what Alex Jones stated in it.
~i would prefer handing people literal recordings of that guy, rather than presenting it with my more or less developed social competence, and more or less unbiased view.


Category hopping this, I don’t think we had the new one when you made this and it fits over here pretty well, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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