What's your moon sign?🌙

What moon sign were you born under? If you do not know, you can look up your natal chart at astro.com.

  • :aries: Aries
  • :taurus: Taurus
  • :gemini: Gemini
  • :cancer: Cancer
  • :leo: Leo
  • :virgo: Virgo
  • :libra: Libra
  • :scorpius: Scorpio
  • :sagittarius: Sagittarius
  • :capricorn: Capricorn
  • :aquarius: Aquarius
  • :pisces: Pisces

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Bonus Poll

  • I was born with a retrograde or otherwise afflicted mercury and am drawn to working with demons.
  • I was not born with a retrograde or otherwise afflicted mercury and am drawn to working with demons.
  • I was born with a retrograde or otherwise afflicted mercury and am not drawn to working with demons.
  • I was not born with a retrograde or otherwise afflicted mercury and am not drawn to working with demons.
  • I don’t understand what this question is asking.

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These are so fun. You did actually make me pull go astrology hunting for a moment there, but it was worth it to answer your question the right way.

Lovely art too!


I didn’t know we could make polls until you posted one earlier, lol. I agree that they are lots of fun!


I was born while Mercury was both Retrograde and Combust (Combustion is the worst affliction by accidental dignity, according to William Lilly), although he was in his Term, so he was slightly dignified by Essential Dignity.

At the start of my practice, I felt a very strong pull to working with Demons, but for reasons, I was drawn away.

Now, the problem with this poll is that affliction is very broad. Retrograde is a minor Accidental Affliction, and Combustion is a severe Accidental Affliction. But, most don’t know what combustion is. Then, most don’t know that having Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces is a severe affliction! (By essential dignity). Beyond this, there are also many different kinds of Accidental Afflictions.

In my experience, people who were born with Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces are especially drawn to working with Demons. Essential Dignity modifies part of the nature of the Planet, so, essential dignity should probably have the higher priority.


The bonus poll freaked me out because I’m Gemini sun, Virgo moon, and Mercury in Gemini at birth, and I was like oh shit was Mercury in retrograde at my birth and I’m like triple cursed or some shit? :flushed:


Look at all my Pisces moons :scream: :scream: :scream: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

correction: I didnt see total votes xD


I always knew my sun sign was Taurus , didnt know my moon sign was Capricorn


So many of us libra moons. Also born on a mercury retrograde
Taurus sun, Leo rising (admittedly bougie)


Sun - Scorpio.
Moon - Gemini.
Rising - Ares.

Don’t be jealous.


I’m also surprised… well, it is the Exaltation of Saturn.


Oh im
Sun taurus
Moon capricorn
Rising Virgo


I’ve done this before and I still have 0 idea what it means lol. It’s fascinating listening to you all talk about it, but sadly it’s still over my head.


@Nephenthe you have the most cancer I have ever seen in a chart. Ever! :crab:


As a very general comment:

I see both Mars and Venus were in their Falls when you were born. I have rather often seen that people born with Venus so afflicted tend to have significant troubles with love (traditionally, this is mainly for men, when the Moon and Venus were severely afflicted, that is two indications of trouble with women. For women, Mars and the Sun being severely afflicted is two indications of trouble with men). And, Venus was standing in an Angle based off of those house placements, so her influence was descending strongly and forcefully at that time (And she was in the 7th House of Love). Perhaps another indication of trouble with love.

With Mars afflicted like that, it can signify trouble with anger issues, I’ve found.

Otherwise, you were born with Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon very well dignified by essential dignity, by being in their Signs or Exaltations.

With Saturn and the Moon so well dignified, it can signify a search for occult knowledge and wisdom, and the practice of magick. Well, you are here!

Very general comments on that. Of course, the whole chart must be considered for more precise information and more solid predictions.

Otherwise, I think you may have made a mistake regarding the Ascendant. If the first house was in Aquarius, then you were born with Aquarius rising, rather than Sagittarius. In which case, with the Ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant (But not the Moon, perhaps balancing this out a bit) in Humane Signs, that can signify a generally friendly demeanor towards others, being good mannered, a tendency towards being outgoing.


Good Natal chart builder

My natal chart


This is the chart info I pulled mine from.


Scary accurate! This is why I like it when you all talk about it. Fascinating The anger is something I have been struggling a lot with the last few years


Hopefully that’s not too bad lol

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Hmm, Capricorn rising. People born with that Sign rising are said to be especially lustful, like the goat. The Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon in Masculine Signs might also signify that you are more outwardly active on that as well, rather than being more passive.

However, Venus was also in her Detriment when you were born, and conjunct the Midheaven, bringing her influence strongly into the world at the time. That can signify troubles with love, as I said before. The Moon was also in a strong House, but not well fortified. Perhaps a further indication for some difficulty in love.

A mixture of Barren and Fruitful Signs in places signifying children. May signify that children will be had, but not many.

Mars also in his Detriment. That can also signify anger issues.

Some quick general comments on that chart.


I’ve found what you said above to be accurate.

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