What should do with my old sigil

Hay got much Superior sigil to use for dragonic magic what should I do with the old one?

Why do you need to do anything with it? If this was given to you by something, an entity, then ask them.

You could just burnt it. I think people have a tendency to overthink this area.


In what way is the old sigil significant? How did you use it? Did you do a consecration on the object the sigil is on?


The sigil is used for woking with dragonic current the old one I got from a book but the new one is better in almost every way been using the old one for about to 2 years. I was think maybe there be something to do with it. Probably overthinking it but I can’t help it.


If you mean just the Idea of the Sigil (Not a particular sigil existing in the world), you can still use it how you like. Perhaps somedays you’ll feel called to use that sigil rather than the new one, so then you can use it, and use it how you like. I’ll say, the sigil itself likely has it’s own special properties that are not existant in the new one.