What’s going on?

So look at this video of my altar, now notice where the emerald skull is, the thing it is sitting on the base of it you can switch on and it swirls with glitter in it.

It’s been sitting like that for awhile but I haven’t turned the base on because I thought the batteries were dead. It has a switch at the back that you have to push over to one side to turn on.

I was at home with my door open and didn’t notice anything.

I left to go to the store and when I return it is turned on with glitter swirling, I interrogated both my kids about if they messed with it, they both swore they had been no where it and that they never go in there.

My son was home all day and no one came over.

The switch is to the back and close to the wall.

So how did it come on? Is it something to do with the emerald skull? Or something else?

:thinking: :face_with_monocle:


Imma call shenanigans :joy: level of wyrd crap going on has been ramping up ALOT lately from what i have been seeing pop up personally and what ends up on my media feeds but this is fairly mild.

May be something was sayin hi.
Stuff like that I’m at a point i tell to pay rent or kindly get the fuck out. Too damn busy for random bullshit that isn’t helping my evolution.

First thing that came to mind for me was that bloody owl, all i could hear was Athena going “why with the spooky track” mildly chuckling in the background shaking her head. :joy: so theres that.

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It’s actually the entrance music for the wwe wrestler Roman Reigns🤣

But Athena maybe something to think on. The owl was for work with her.

And these are the shenanigans i be talkin about :joy: didn’t eve know you’d ever worked with Athena and we’ve known each other how long now? :joy:
But THAT owl has HER glare. I know tha glare cause its been aimed at ME :rofl::rofl: and I’m just going

" what? You can glare at me all day I’m immune to the spooky eyes of all kinds thanks to the women I grew up with over using it so please use your words ma’am." :rofl::rofl: she was NOT amused by my Segway at all when she was tryin to be serious.

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A long time now! It’s been for the good of the conclave :laughing:. I thought I mentioned over on discord but possibly I didn’t . I can’t keep up! :sweat_smile:

And these are crazy shenanigans! Athena is at play here! Suppose I’ll see what she wants … ohhh , I might know!!

Will post later when I’m certain!

Okay :joy: tell er the wandering squid says hi :rofl: she’ll know who your talking about. She may side eye you after though :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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