Valefor is next. Lets hear those experiences group

Feel free to any any all all experiences with this spirit how the relationship developed their fsvorite things any poltergeist activities etc. Etc.


With all due respect, if you aren’t actually contacting them, then… I’ve seen this for a while now.

I have no problem with people with legitimate asks and questions. People with odd scenarios without legitimate. Input.

You aren’t presenting any genuine interest or need.

You aren’t presenting experiences you want info on.

If you have a fancy or whim, use Google. Come to us with questions.


@The_Hermit What sorts of spirit-y things do you like, in practice? Since you’re interested in the Goetia, why not find one you vibe with? Questions are fine, but actually doing a thing with a spirit is better.

With Valefar, vampirism is unbalanced energy exchange. This definition is worth considering in the day to day life. If you watch too much Netflix, eat too much unhealthy food, are addicted to XYZ: that is an unbalanced energy exchange. Vampirism applies, as does Valefor.


Youre right im not and ive yet to make contact as im still trying to learn how… with that being said like any other person that has been curious when starting down this path before and has tried to find info thats always scattered im trying to help the forums search library by going through each spirit as a source for information for those beginners i hope the idea behind these posts doesnt bother you in that regard.


Thank you. I am only human, as are we all…if we can pinch…


Ok the vampirims aspect peekd my interest… if i understood correctly whatever you do in your day to day will be exacerbated?


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No. To me, Valefar is a symbol for unbalanced energy exchange. Unless you are a jesus or buddha, you’ll likely have an instance of unbalanced energy exchange, also called a vice. Valefar is like a UI that helps to unfuck the exchange of energy. I mean all this is in a practical and not mystical sense.


Valefor is cool.
He is one of the first spirits
I summoned to vampirise somebody and I offered him a glass absinthe since green is also a color associated with him and vampirism.

But the whole bottle fell to the ground (I didn’t touch it) and there was absinth just everywhere lol …he can drain. And yes… he likes absinthe.


Valefor… My dude. I recently assigned him to a project to hunt down and expose a thief. My wish is that the thier is caught in his own trap by being to greedy in the future and will subsequently hoist by his own petard.

I think valefor got a bad reputation and got painted with the wrong brush. Just from my two interactions with him I noted he’s cunning, he plays the angles and he looks for weakness to exploit.

As far as the more serious traditional charges levied against him ( tempting the thief to steal and abandoning him when he gets caught) well as Duke Valefor tells it how can he be blamed when the greed of humans becomes overwhelming and thier technique hurried and sloppy. It’s thier own fault they were caught.

That’s his side of the story.

What’s the truth…I could see him being able to persuade people of pliable morals to go further than they normally would yes but we still have to be responsible for our actions and the consequence they bring. The devil valefor made me do it isn’t going to stand up in a court of law.


I had seen him in my dreams almost a month ago but I’ve never contacted or petition him for anything yet. After last month, I have not heard from him again.

Some sort of weird gory dreams, then at one point while I was sleeping at work I dream of a vampire biting me in the neck before whispering Valefor.

That’s when I did my research and found out he’s known for vampirism.

I still don’t understand what he wanted at the time. But for the meantime, I’m primarily working with Lucifer and Asmodeus so I got a bit busy with focusing on them. Maybe I should work with him soon.


@norse900 gave me some great advice a few years ago. If you’re not sure about a spirit, bring in a higher authority if you decide to call them up. You could invoke / evoke Lucifer and then Valefor, in the same ritual, to keep Valefor in check and earn their respect.