Using a flame as astral dorway {TUTO}

Adapted from Josephine McCarthy.

You will just need a candle, but you can also just visualise a flame.

Light the candle. Say your intent.

“I ask to visit The Underworld of my town”

Stare at it.

Keep the image in your mind’s eye.

Try adapt the color of the flame to the place/astral realm you want to visit.

For an underworld visit, try to imagine a blue flame.

If you want to connect with Faerie, try to see a green flame.

If you want to visit a realm linked to the Moon, try to visualise a silver flame.

Then enter the flame. Imagine yourself at the center.

Then, in front of you, visualise a doorway to the realm you want to visit.

Visit it.

At the end, go back to the flame, ask the flame to burn any parasite that could have follow you. See the doorway closing, and go back to where you started.


@ReyCuervo perhaps this would be a good addition to the member tutorials?