[TUTORIAL] The Book of Fate


The book of fate has an interesting, and mostly fake, story. Allegedly, it was find somewhere in Egypt and used by Napoleon Bonaparte to take decisions. And we all know how that guy ended. So take that with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, the book is right more often than not, so it is still a useful tool for your arsenal.

How to

The book give you a group of 32 premade questions that it can answer, ranging from what the person you’ll marry shall be (mine is hot, according to the book) to when the prisoner shall be released to advice about gambling.

Now, you can take the questions literally or not, that’s up to you, the book work both ways. This is another method that has some sort of intelligence attached to it, and this one is kind of nerd who never touched a pair of boobs, so it wants marriage and no passion. And probably wants to have sex in the missionary position with reproductive purposes only, so take that into account when asking something. Simply put, it is old fashioned.

So, follow THIS link and choose your question. And if you find the link broken, flag this post and someone will fix it ASAP.

After you have your question, take a piece of paper and draw lines five times, like this:

Horrible quality aside, you’ll have a lot of slashes. Do not count them, just do it. Stop when there is no more space or when you feel you have to. Once that’s done, do count them. Odd numbers are a single star and even two.

So if you have something like


that is:






Now, again in the link I provided you, find the right image. If you go to question 28, should I ever find treasure, and you got those numbers/figure, then the answer will be:

It will be thy fate to pass by, but not to find, a treasure

You get your answer by going to the bottom of the page and clicking in the “Ask the oracle” button.

And that is. Congratulations, fellow occultist, you’ve made your first divination. Great things will come. Or not. That’s up to you.


I asked it whether a friend would prove faithful or treacherous as I wanted to meet Prince Vasago to help me find my lost tarot cards. Called my friend “Wicked” probably got triggered that he’s a spoopy demon LOL

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