[TUTORIAL] Scanning

What is scanning?

Simply put, scanning is the act of getting info through a magickal act. Not very clear, I know, but scanning is probably not the best tool to gather information.

What do I need to do it?

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Is this the same as remote vision?


How do I scan?

Relax. If you can into trance, do it. Focus on what you’re going to scan, usually a person. You can do this through the internet, with a picture, in person, sitting in your house and focusing in someone you personally know.

Say to yourself: the information that will come is true. And something will come.

The catch

When I started, I used to practice with a friend. She would give me pictures and what happened was that the colors changed in intensity, revealing shapes. I got info on my first couple of days, by finding her spirit patron. Problem is, she had to explained it to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what I was seeing. Or what’s the same, I was a neanderthal contemplating a laptop.

So, not very practical. But the more you do it the better you’ll get at it. Keep doing it for a significant amount of time and you may be able to get something good of it.

There is people that swears this is a very good method to get information. I disagree.


So if you can, can you explain the difference between scanning and other things like remote viewing, telepathy, precognition and such? Cuz I know someone who thought they were scanning but it was one of the other things they were doing.


scanning is like reading something, remote viewing is viewing something, telepathy is psychic communication.

I used to scan a lot when I was starting, I think it helped me become more sensitive to energy and learn the difference between different types of energy. I also think it’s good practice for clairs. While I wouldn’t consider it the best way to get information it’s quick and easy when you don’t have any tools at hand.