[TUTORIAL] Naamah's spell for material needs

This is a very simple spell given to me by the woman herself for all of you. This hasn’t been written anywhere else before, so it is a The Occult Mirror exclusive. Feel free to use it and report your results. Naamah has confirmed she is interested in helping with material needs.


A glass of water.
A representation of a skull (can be a drawing or print from the internet)
Her sigil.
Two threads of white paper or pieces of fabric.
Two feathers, if black better.


Order the material on your altar in this way




With the paper/fabric uniting all things horizontally and vertically.

Go into trance repeating her name if you can (and if you can’t go into trance just repeat her name over and over for several minutes trying to keep calm your mind) and say this prayer:

Naamah! hear my prayer. Naamah! I call your name, I crave for your presence. Naamah, the beautiful, Naamah, the young, listen to my request (say your request)

Present your offering and say

Please, accept my humble gift

Thank her in your own words. Give license to depart. Banish. Ground.

That’s all.


Smokes. Alcoholic beverages. Dark chocolate. A drop of your own blood.


Do these entity intrest keep changing by time or ita just that we dint knew ealier she wants to help with material need? What do you meant by material needs, why dint you used a moee niche word?

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I heard years ago she is useful for material needs. I don’t think that’s new information, just confirmation of what was said for years.

SEO. This group of spirits is associated with succubi, inccubi, sex and so on. So I thought it was important to say that she can help you to, let’s say, get a new job.