[TUTORIAL] Inner alchemy

Inner alchemy (or emotional transmutation) is often used in many forms of magick, while tasking spirits.

Sometimes people can get confused and think they can’t do it. This is usually not possible.

This is a very simple meditation that will help you to achieve it. Adapt as you need to, if you need to.

Start by entering your best possible trance and visualize yourself in a blank (or black) space. While in vision, sit in lotus position, open your eyes and recall your current situation. Step by step, go back. If you’re in pain due a traumatic event, don’t go that far. Don’t relive it, just go right to the aftermath. Experience (or think about) those feelings.

Now you’re feeling the need you have.

Take a deep breath. Repeat this words: ay-ay-arvara-sallah. Do not think about the meaning. They don’t have one. It is just gibberish. Keep doing it, rhythmically, for a few seconds. This will ease your mind and help you to go to a blank or semi-blank state of mind, with no intrusive thoughts or few intrusive thoughts, if you’re a neurotic like me.

Now proceed to imagine a sequence where you get what you want. Let’s say you want a new car. You have felt already what’s NOT having a car. In this mental scene, you can imagine Jeff Bezzos in the street, complaining that [CAR YOU WANT] is horrible. He looks at you. “Hey, kid” Jeff says, “I fucking hate this car, here, take” he throws the keys at you. “Keep it. It is yours”. Daydream, let the emotion come. You have your car now!

Chances are, you’ll never meet Bezzos. But that doesn’t matter. What we want is the feeling of having the car. If you once, only once in your life, got something you wanted (an unexpected free day at work, to go to the beach on a hot day, ice cream), then you can do this.

If you have done everything as it is written, then congratulations. You’ve experienced inner alchemy.

Some authors affirm that spirits only understand the language of feelings, so this is would improve communication.


So if want to make a spell to attract a particular kind of guy i can picture myself talking to Timothée Chalamet, stating “i find someone who has a similar style and energetic signature as Timothée Chalamet” and let them find me the closest they can? :smile:

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More like a lookalike, mate.