Tutorial: How to make a serviceable magic triangle with paper

Ok guys and gals here’s what I recommend for this awesome DIY project.

Black cardstock paper ( winsky A4 is great)
Silver sharpie
A ruler or a straight edge

Step one lay your A4 sheet out horizontally in front of you. Make a gentle fold halfway in the very center of the paper. Do not make a strong deep fold this should slightly crease the paper. See below.

Ok got that? We’ll move on.

Step two:. Use your straight edge to connect the top crease line and the bottom corner of your sheet. I know that trying to visualize what I just said is like mental gymnastics so take a look below.

Now take your sharpie and draw a nice bold line down that straight edge. Do this for both sides.

This is what you should have afterwards.


Step three cut the excess paper off making a nice satisfying triangle.

Now you need to know this triangle of art isn’t about binding and constraining things ( unless that’s what you want) it relates to Saturn because of its geometry and this cam help a spirit have density and manifest easier.

Step four:. Place your CD in the center of your circle and trace around the outline of it.

Ok now it’s time to decorate. You can make this an RHP style triangle by orienting it one point up and surrounded by angel or god names.

Or…you can make this an LHP oriented triangle by placing two points up and using archfiend and demonic names around it.

Check mine out.

So to decorate mine I added Azazels name around it because he’s a badass! Then I added the names of the four directional kings of hell and some scary snakes around it :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:.

Let your creativity and inspiration guide you.

Hope you enjoyed this, feel free to pm me if you have questions. :muscle::love_you_gesture:

Ps I recommend you consecrate your finished product by passing it through incense smoke and saying something like " by the power of the four elements and the infernal divine inside myself I do consecrate this triangle of art to serve in my practice" something like that.


Love this. Thanks for sharing it!


Glad to help, I had to get shown this method by someone else myself. I’m not good with geometry. :grin::grin:


I drew up a solomonic triangle of the art when i first started out. Used it once and didnt like it. I recently started a new one but got covid and had to put it on the back burner for now. This here will help me complete it. I wonder would using lucifers name around the corners work? I dont work with Azazel at all and dont plan to so using his name feels awkward to me. I’d probably write it out like Lu - Ci - Fer?

I have another somewhat related question but to keep everything on topic I’ll be pming you about it. (Can i even do that yet? Haha)


You can really put any name around it you want I think :thinking:.