[TUTORIAL] How to build your astral temple


An astral temple is a temple. That you build as a link to the astral mumbo jumbo. I’m unsure about the nomenclature’s origin, but it is essentially a mental space to practice magick. An inner landscape, if you like it more that way.

From there it is possible to do any sort of magick, usually. It is useful for people who can’t have a space in their homes for whatever reason. I see it as most useful for people who has to keep their practice secret for safety.


Use our guides and tutorials to do any of this if you don’t know how to do it already.

Go into trance. Focus in a blank, limitless space. White or not, it can be the darkness you see when you close your eyes.

In his Apostilles to The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco said that limits give you freedom and that’s what we’re going to apply here.

In your blank space, imagine a line. This is the horizon line. From here, imagine a square around. Everything else exists outside it. Give yourself any source of light you would like. In this example, we will use a simple lightbulb, but you could use torches, led lights or anything else. It is your room, after all.

Now take a look below. At your feet. Imagine the tiles on the floor. In this example, we will use a chess pattern in black and white. Look at the walls. Are there more sources of light? Is there any other sort of (appropriate) decoration? What about wards?

You can ward it with a powerful symbol. In my case, I would use the Caduceus, but it would be for comfort, for myself, to feel better in the place. Also, I don’t really have an astral temple. More like a astral woods.

Once you’re done with that, let’s take a look at your altar. Imagine a pedestal or something of the sort. Imagine in there anything you need to be there. Do you think you need a protection circle? Go for it if you want.

Now go back from the start and keep imagining all the details. There is not much, is very basic but it will do for now. You don’t need to do anything else now, just get out of trance, banish and ground.

Take notes about this room. Tomorrow, read your notes and go back into the temple. Keep doing it for a few months, daily, until it is solid in your mind.

Congratulations, now you own astral real state.


Epic, thank you my friend, gets pen and paper


Thank you! Amazing and just what I needed.


Do you think we can attend already made temple ?

I sometimes let myself go and i see altar near the ocean, in the forest, on a montain…

Do you think it’s still useful?!?


Yeah, it is possible, but the best thing is to do your own, so it is whatever you want and need.


I swear i create like 3 of them (or maybe they were already there i dont know)

But i love to change… One look like a greenhouse, another a mushroom cotttage, another is a modern house full of elves :joy: