[TUTORIAL] Freeze Spell


About 15 years ago, a person known as Vovin posted a “freeze spell” in a now long gone forum named Evocation Magick.

This is my own take on it. The original spell can be found in several places, but the original has been archived in this LINK.

Vovin didn’t really invent anything, mind you, there are many forms of folk magick that use similar (or nearly identical) procedures to get the same results. In that regard, I’m not inventing anything, I’m just rewriting the tradition and popular knowledge into something perfectly workable for anyone.

What is a freeze spell?

Is a “stop bothering me” spell. While is technically an intrusive form of magick, I would not call it baneful since it is used instead of a curse, with the purpose of getting rid of someone. This expels the person from your life, period. It doesn’t hurt them, not really. Is a good option for someone who just bothers you without being a threat to your community, since casting this spell wont’ take lots of time nor energy.


  • Pen and paper.
  • A 10 centimeters long string.
  • A plastic or glass container.


Write the reason you want this person gone. Example:

@Cuervo never takes a shower

Roll the paper into a scroll and tie it with the string while talk to yourself, making your intentions explicit. Example:

Fuck you, Cuervo, get out of my life because you stink like a monkey with diarrhea. Move far away, so I don’t have to smell you ever again. Also, fuck you. For as long as this string bind the paper, so it is. Fucker.

Put the scroll inside the recipient. If it is plastic, in the back of your freezer. If it is glass, you can bury it. Yes, you can plastic too. Now forget about it. It is done.

Yup, that’s all the spell. This is known to be quite effective.


I use this spell alot. I think everyone should have in their bag of tricks.