[TUTORIAL] Emergency money

This is a simple way to get money fast when time is running out. Is not guaranteed to work, nothing ever is, but doing something is always better than doing nothing. This method is good for everyone, since it doesn’t require experience, trance state, developed clairs or anything of the sort.

You’ll need:

An altar. If you don’t have one, just clean a corner of a desk to use as ritual space. Make it shine and you’re ready to go. It is said that the closer to the entrance of your house the altar is, the better. If this isn’t an option, then proceed with what you have. And do not overthink this detail. Can’t decorate it with a cloth? Use a piece of paper.

A red candle (get the cheapest one, no issues there)

An image or statue of St Expedite. Since you’re probably broken, just get an image from the internet and print it.

A glass of water. Order this three item in a triangle form (V) with the image of Expedite below, the candle at the left and the glass at the right.

If you want to give him an offering, try red roses or red wine.

You can place coins and other items in the altar, but it isn’t needed. As for planetary times it is usually advised to perform magick on Wednesday, since Expeditus is associated with Mercurial intelligences. But this isn’t strictly necessary. Emergencies doesn’t wait for the right day to come. Usually, is the other way around.

This is the procedure: sit in front of the altar, or stand in front of it, or whatever, and proceed to pray to him with your own words. Start by calling to him with something like

“Saint Expeditus! Fast soldier of god, hear my voice!”

Follow by telling how awesome he is. Follow by your specific request, in a heartfelt manner. Do it by heart. And be clear in what you ask. Finish with something like “Bring [what you ask from him] with haste!”

Present the offerings if you have them, as if he is right in front of you, light the candle and finish by saying

“So it is done” or words along those lines.

This small ritual calls upon the power of a Catholic saint, but I’ll update soon with rituals for those who prefer demons and such.