Tūmatauenga pathworking - The Māori god of war, death, & cannibalism

In early 2021 I was part of a group working – where every member of the group would pick a goal or target, and on their assigned day, the rest of the group would collectively cast rituals or perform other workings for that person’s goal.

This is how I discovered Tūmatauenga.

(Skip to the end of the post for the actual pathworking steps.)

NOTE: I do NOT recommend Tūmatauenga for beginners.

And I strongly recommend you take a trusted guide (patron, protection servitor, etc.) with you, and cleanse/banish your space afterwards.

If you don’t personally have a close/trusted guide, take someone neutral such as Raziel, Luficer, or Hermes.


One member’s request was for a baneful working, and I was wavering on which entity I would petition for help. Before the ritual, I was working on making a clay poppet to represent the target and create a sympathetic link.

Click to view poppets.

As the rest of the group went on talking, the topic of discussion was an appropriate punishment for someone who had committed the kind of disgusting crimes that the target had done. Castration was brought up, and it was actually @norse900 who made a joke asking if anyone know of a cannibal who might assist.

That was the go-ahead I was looking for. I do love a nice synchronicity handed to me on a platter.

Click to view notes on initial ritual.

Testing phase

While I’d used nothing more than the aforementioned song and the god’s name to connect to him for the ritual, I did end up coming away from the ritual with a pathworking to Tūmatauenga.

A few nights later I tried it again. Here are my notes:

I sent the pathworking to @norse900 and @ReyCuervo separately, asking them each to try it and verify.

So, both Cuervo and I had the experience of general hostility or disapproval towards “outsiders”. Which makes me think that maybe a better interpretation of “not of the earth” is “not of the land”. I interpret this to mean that any pathworking for spiritual development with Tūmatauenga is off-limits to anyone not of Māori heritage (or maybe anyone not of general Polynesian descent, but I can’t say for certain).

After this I wrote,

The pathworking

This is the pathworking you can use to connect to Tūmatauenga.

  • A single footprint in the mud
  • Blood stains the bark of a tree
  • The sun sets over a battlefield
  • A bonfire crackles nearby
  • A sacred spear is laid upon the ground.

Call Tūmatauenga’s name 3 times. (TOO-mah-tah’wu-en-GAH).

Again, I do not recommend this spirit for beginners, and please take a guide with you.

Most of this content was originally posted here, and collated into this single post.