TOM's greatest hits

This is a thread to share your biggest achievements in magick. Tell us, we want to know what kind of awesome stuff did you manifest.


1- Care nothing for the next guy, this is your achievement, beginner or adept is all the same.
2- On topic chatter is allowed and encouraged.


The single greatest thing I contributed to, ( I was part of a group,) was trying to help a friend’s mentally ill wife who was schizophrenic and in and out of mental institutions. She was in almost a year and her husband our friend was beside himself trying to get her out.

I designed and structured am angelic ritual where each of 5 members called an archangel to assist the woman.

In 3 weeks her “hopeless and incurable” condition greatly improved and she was let to go home.

That was rewarding.


Sounds quite good!

Care if I ask for your biggest achievement outside working in groups?



There was a man who I had a very very serious and significant problem with about 8 years ago. This was a problem because we were both staples of the same social circle. This issue, and I’m not able to be comfortable discussing it or what started it that we were like daggers drawn whenever we’d encounter eachother. It was real serious beef that almost escalated to something existential and physical. It was shitty too because we started out friendly or amiable.

The greatest act of Magick I have ever performed was transforming this toxic, violent and dangerous relationship into a healthy, vibrant, strong and positive friendship. It took me 2 years of visiting his room mate once a week. We had let our issue go and a year later could civil without any warmth though. I started to bring McDonald’s for him and his room mate friend of mine once a week, call before coming and ask if anyone needed cigarettes from the corner store while I was en route. I knew if this was going to change I had to start. I had to be his friend. Truly with no bullshit in my heart. I had to be a friend to make one of him.

The fight we had. Honestly we both did some some real bogus shit that we shouldn’t have. I decided to be his friend, treat him with kindness and respect without expectations and in two years we had totally outgrown the beef and he was my wisest closest counselor until his death a few a years ago. I was honored beyond honored ( because this man was also a great Magician and I respected him, he taught me much) when he asked me to be his last visitor before his death. When he was passing he chose to have me for there for comfort and help passing.

I turned an able, powerful enemy, into a friend. That friendship was amazing and paid dividends unlike anything I thought possible.

That my friends is truly the greatest act of Magick I have done. Transformation and reconciliation.

Thx for asking @ReyCuervo


Two years ago I wanted to get my hands on a Meta Quest 2. It was around my birthday so I tried my luck with a petition to “the universe”, didn’t lust for results…

I got it two weeks early :joy:


Mine are healing rites, I’ll give a couple examples. Usually, I call Buer. On a few occasions I haven’t called for help and a couple of times I’ve asked angels to lend their assistance. Buer and Sitri storytime:

Someone I love and very close to me was feeling really unwell late last week, he’d been to a couple hospitals and they said they weren’t really sure what was wrong, and they weren’t really interested in finding out. The situation could have been dangerous, I’ll never really know how much. But I called Buer that night (no ritual, no candles or incense, I just called him) and he came and we visited him (on the astral). That was Wednesday night that he was really sick. Today is Sunday and yesterday and today he’s been out running around (it’s a child) and having a great time. I didn’t hear about him between Thursday and Friday so I can’t say anything about those couple days.

That’s the most recent, I’ve also asked Buer to “fix” a serious blood clot issue someone once had, the person felt Buer’s work that same night and he’s had no lasting complications.

In terms of myself, I called Buer last week because I have wrist issues and I’d managed to click my wrist out of where it’s supposed to be, I said his enn several times and within two minutes I had no wrist pain at all and it’s been all better since then. I’m sure I’ll manage to aggravate it again in the future, but it was amazing to have it go from hurting to touch or move at all to 100% pain free in 90 seconds, usually I go through quite a bit to have it feeling normal again.

And here’s a Sitri one!! The other night Sitri and I were in ritual and I asked him to possess me. I recorded this because it was a possession. He says something like, ‘does your human skin always crackle this much?’ with regard to my shoulder cracking/popping anytime my arm moved. He rotated my lower arm (at the elbow) around three times and I am thoroughly convinced Sitri just fixed like 15 years of a shoulder issue I’ve had since I was a child and was greatly exacerbated when I was a figure skater. I guess time will tell, but I really think he just jumped in body, went, ‘this is weird,’ and fixed the issue somehow. The thought of fixing humans through possession had never really occurred to me, but it’s definitely something I now have an interest in.


My life right now is my biggest manifestation. With all it’s ups and downs, I am happy.


Manifesting objects:

A new car. A house,

Baneful works:

Took out two targets at once with very real conformation.

Nearly caused someone to have a heart attack but backed off.

Ive done more baneful stuff but not able to share.


My circle readings (not really maifestion but it is my great work).

I have pulled things through others circles and to me.( Did this by accident once and now Im the proud owner of a second dog)


My newphew was born needing oxygen. Surrounded him with a golden light and within five minutes he didnt need the oxygen anymore.

Used my Holy Grail chalice to heal two different magicians and help them look and feel their very best.

With conformation of results.

The transformation within myself is a great thing. Everyday I get stronger, better, and ready for the next round.

Some things I do, I think fall under abilities more than manifestation.

And there are some things that Ive done and I know they worked but evidence is more like UPG than solid proof. :man_shrugging:


Beautiful :100::black_heart:


Great topic @ReyCuervo :call_me_hand:


Probably my most cherished outcome is healing a family member. They had a brain aneurysm (edit: aka brain haemorrhage) years ago when I was a teenager and I had no idea how serious aneurysms were at the time, but thankfully they recovered. But apparently it was never fully fixed. So they had another aneurysm/stroke nearly two years ago, and had to be airlifted to a major city. I put the Law to work and I was calling Raphael every day or two days, for weeks.

Can’t claim sole credit for that one because I had some beloved friends helping me with healing rituals and everything during that time. But, basically, someone in their mid-70s had a brain aneurysm in the same site as the original one years ago, and a partial stroke… it took 8 weeks + 1 day from the time of the aneurysm to them getting out of physical rehabilitation. Last time they had a check-up with the neurologist, the aneurysm is gone. Completely gone.

I’ll never forget what it was like summoning Raphael into that hospital chapel, day after day.

Hmm, what else… I swerved two fucking annoying customers at my last job. The first one was needy and stress-inducing; it took almost one year to the day but they ended up gradually reducing contact and then backing out of their contract entirely. That was thanks to Belial. The second one was similarly needy and stress-inducing, and at one point I was working out of their office 4 days a week. Used the Law on this one and just kept reminding myself it wasn’t my problem. Dropped from 4 days, to 2 days, to 1 day, to being a replacement if my coworker couldn’t attend, to their account being taken out of my portfolio entirely.

Shortly after that, got a new job and a $20k/year pay rise. I applied for precisely one job. Aced three interviews. A week later to the day, I was signing the paperwork. Mind you, this is my dream job, and something I’ve been angling toward for my entire career.

I’ve had people switch up plans to my benefit, day-of. Shortest period of time was five minutes or less; longest was about five hours. Got someone’s show cancelled once 'cause I [edit: 'cause I can’t finish a sentence] – 'cause I simply knew I had to spend time with them and wouldn’t accept anything else. Walked out of their first show after saying bye and wishing them well for their next show of the night; less than 10 minutes later they called me saying their second show was cancelled or delayed and asked to join me for dinner. :woman_shrugging:

Free stuff. Luxury items/clothes, a 60" TV, vacations, winery tours, books. Writing this from a private living room which was renovated for me, including having an air conditioner installed. In a house where I don’t pay rent. :pleading_face: I had a dedicated altar space for Bimé for a long time and also just used the Law.

Penultimately, figuring out pathworkings to obscure spirits gives me a great deal of satisfaction, so does SPG.

Finally, there are a handful more things I would love to gush about, but gotta exercise that “and to remain silent” thing at some point :unamused:


I had a sibling that was stage 3, cusp of stage 4 with cirrhosis of the liver and expected to live only a few more years. This was last year, maybe just before Fall?

Anyway, between their efforts (quitting alcohol) and mine, there is NO detection of any of it now, less than a year later. Both with blood and other tests. Similar tests were used to diagnose it.

I know this is a bit of an inspirational thread, so let me part with some unasked for advice.

We know that the spirits can answer our calls and take more of an interest in helping with us magical/spiritual practitioners. WHY is debatable.

But the combination (practitioner + spirit help) works best for the longest parts of the road.

(Most of my stuff could be considered political. I am subject to those rules the same as anyone else. But if all we’re doing falls under that umbrella, maybe some branching out needs to happen)

This is a greatest hits thread, though. Which is a sort of a challenge to best what we have done in the past. :smiling_imp:

One of my most rewarding experiences came as a fluke. There is a friend I greatly respect, who is about my age and going back to school to help people similar to me (PTSD Vet, but not just Vets here). I felt the pull, the call, to charge, bleed on, and light a candle for them. My debt. I sent them a picture and then got a message back the next day saying that at almost exactly that time, they finally got unstuck from a report they had to write and it suddenly came together.

THAT is rewarding to me. It’ll help how many?


You’re a living legend, mate :heart:

This reminds me of another one. I had a friend who was very athletic, worked out a lot and played a lot of sports, and they were suddenly diagnosed with a congenital heart defect which usually results in people just dropping dead in their early thirties, allegedly. My friend was told they could no longer work out or participate in any kind of sport. I used the Law and I think I called Raphael once or twice, and maybe one or two other spirits. After a few months my friend had gone to see multiple specialists, who first concurred with the diagnosis, then later were confused because their tests returned nothing negative, then eventually concluded some kind of spontaneous remission… from a hereditary heart condition. Friend was given the all clear to return to sports and working out. :+1:


Did you say “spontaneous remission of a hereditary heart condition?”. Is that even possible?


Nevermind were talking about Magick that changes the calculus of what’s actually possible.


You are right, it very likely isn’t, in medical terms. Spontaneous remission of symptoms might be a better way of putting it? Friend went from fainting while playing a sport, to extreme cardiac distress while in cardio stress tests, to nada and completely fit once more in a few months (same treadmill stress tests again, & later same sport, with no reaction).