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All good, all well.
I have to evolve, you are ahead of the game.
Props dude! :metal:t4:


Thanks. Wish I felt that way. The truth is this - when you have to let go of all of the frameworks (through experience, please), then you come to the rest. And that can be quite lonely, quite…separate…

You have to become that which you’ve been seeking. Your relationships (because they were a bit more than transactional, right?) come into play, and you become more of…YOU…

Then, on the way, you try to help those who’ve had similar journeys or that you feel pulled to help, regardless of whether you understand why or not.

Last response (likely) for the night. Not here to hijack and all that.

While all we have in the end may be true, that is NOT how we get there…ever…


Initiation into Lilith-Malkuth

Flereous initiated me into Lilith, which did not involve Lilith, rather Naamah.

Mortifel initiated me into Malkuth. Mortifel is Belial as an angel, but you didn’t hear that from me.

You know, the Lilith initiation was rather mild. That all changed when I initiated into Malkuth.

I. Dreams

I’d like to be precise with my experience of these Tree dreams. My experience, so I’m not speaking for anybody else.

The content of the dreams feels primal, but not frightening. There is horror imagry, and one’s animal nature takes center stage. To me, it felt like going to a carnival with a ride that has horror features, zombies, ghouls and clowns. While one’s adrenal response may be triggered, no person actually feels that a genuine attack is imminent.


I found myself in a mixture of a home I lived in, and something like a Victorian era house. The vibe is that this feels underground, as a cave. Lighting is sparse, akin to a horror movie or game.

Naamah the Spider Queen is what I encountered. A mass of darkness with many spider appendages. I had an experience of the Tree of death being something forbidden. It felt forbidden for a human to see her, more like a taboo.

Some spooky events transpired. She pulled out my teeth and replaced them with something stronger. After this went on for a while, she seemed pleased with her work and donned a human form. A woman in her early fourties, around 5 foot 5. We had several session, which I will not regal here because this isn’t an adult novel! :joy:

Actually some of it was downright scary. One of her forms was an old woman akin to an archetypal hag. This Naamah would use a crack pipe and kept making faces at me. At this point, I was tied to a seat with leather straps.


My dream body is trained pretty well. If I encounter a problem, I’ll mess around with the four elements and some god-titles. Angry spirit? Yeet the water element + a watery god-title. Done. Spirit being creepy? Be the air and shoo them away.

That didn’t work in these dreamscapes. The gist was that this Lilith-Malkuth dream spheres are not a thing to be resolved, but an experience to immerse yourself in.


An unexpected expense came up that morning. However, maybe for the first time in a while, it had no power over me.


Amon Amends A Bible

The tail is that of a worm. It is the Animal-Spirit Worm. Applied, “to successfully find your way through, to develop a map of” is an interpretation. Paired with the exploration of novel or forgotten paths, this is certainly Wisdom.

Any-whos. Let’s turn our bibles to Acts 2, verse 3.
I read, Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. Acts 2:3

Invocation with Amon

See a human silhouette, or your body. Above it is a black droplet. As a droplet of food coloring falls into a clear glass of water. The spirit falls into you.

Amon seems to recommend the practioner have some actual amount of experience with using “Name, I invoke thee” to invoke a spirit. Something about how the practioner is the magick, and no tools are needed.

The color of the droplet may vary according to the type of spirit invoked.


I love Amon man

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I feel the potential of using that as an energy source, and as a word of power. A solid starting point to me is 92 Uranium 238. This is Choronzon.

Maybe I ought to ask Lepaca how to use the Periodic Table of the Elements as a source of power (battery) in ritual.


My triangle, inspired by @DarkGodofQlippa 's material.

To me, triangle shape in-bodies focus, circle in-bodies center. The use of this is akin to the seal of Solomon, amplifying and clarifying.

Cain, Hecate, Chashak. Chashak meaning Darkness. Placing a candle within the circle is to mime “the spirit of god was upon the surface of the waters” motif, is to presence flame over Darkness (black flame motif).

To me, meditation with and without a candle causes the triangle to speak.

If you have need of the 17th Path, of the letter Peh,

Whose mouth speaks arrogant words and blasphemies (Revelation 13:5), seek out Zamradiel. Of the 17th Tunnel of Choronzon.


That’s beyond cool man! What book is that excerpt from? I just started reading “Against the light”. So far it’s a blast.

Cool triangle man,. I have 3 triangles now, an Abaddon, a Lilith and a Hecate, I notice certain spirits voices and presences are stronger and more stable when amplified and densified via the specific triangle employed. :exploding_head:

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It’s from “The Book of Sitra Achra” by NAA 218. Yep I agree. I’ve been working on another triangle focusing on death itself. So far I have Mot and Mortifer. I’m debating whether to use a third spirit name or to just experiment with the Enochian word for death, “teloch”.

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That was my first guess, I actually haven’t finished it yet completely. I keep taking bite sized portions from it, blowing my mind, putting the book down and then processing the implications of my discoveries… You know what I found to be the most illuminating moment of the book? The explanation that for example when we speak of the twin Gods of Thaumiel, Moloch and Satan let’s say, in the case of Moloch ( and this would equally apply to Bael and a bevy of other spirits too) that we are not actually talking about the historical entity or reality of that named spirit per se, we are actually talking about the real entity beyond space and time using that name and persona as a mask…Nearly unknowable in qualities to all but the most illuminated of Qlippothic magicians, the fact that these entities shapes or forms are used by these other “realities” or entities as a mask or a vehicle of expression with which to interact with them actually can tell you a great deal about their qualities and traits, if you can read between the lines.

This explanation is the only one I’ve ever seen that satisfies reason and logic, and seems to agree with actual, in practice work.

Sorry I’m on a tangent. If it doesn’t make sense now, I’m positive it will later on :joy::wink::exploding_head:



Let’s get cracking!!!


A good bit of Saturnian recognition should be given to Amon. He has been around for a long time. In my vernacular, he is what I would call an OG. Upon every connection to Amon, he brings forth the consistent image of serpent upon a tree. Eve is always nearby. He brings forth the motif of having proper admiration and fear for (basically the idea of how young people die in war, all people die in war… if there is an old guy fighting in the trenches with the newbies and recruits) that approximates Amon.

I proffer the suggestion that Amon is something like (think of animal matter being placed upon a glass panel, for scientific observation with a microscope) a “slice” of an Ouroboros. The Ouroboros of the Bible, heh, does Amon have some things to say about that!

Let us situation Amon appropriately. A few puzzle pieces, well worth putting together. Amon, Phenix, Ouroborus, Bible, Shadow.



Heh. Herein is a combo that can topple kings and expose sins of the fathers… Not in an edgelord sense, but this combo is an excellent in-bodyment of HVHY as a formula…

These began to speak to me about the Shadow of the Bible. At Saturn, I am very skeptical and gave an ear to what sounds edgelord-y. Maintaining your own center of gravity is a Saturnian lesson that I in-body. Anywhos…

The connection to Saturn regards the matter of Time. Amon and Phenix consistently take me to a pathworking location, or spiritual location.

A sphere, our time, is encased by cube-yesod. On the surfaces of this cube, play the scenes similar to the garden of eden stuff.

Amon’s Sigil

I wanted to share this about Amon’s sigil. Observe the horizontal line with the “I” shape. This is “Bible”. The six yods above and below introduce the principle of depth. Minimally, the introduction of the perception of the shadow of the bible. The butterfly central shape is Ouroborus reminiscent. If you take the top three central outline figures and fold it, touching the lower fellow figure, this is the Wedding of Genesis and Revelation. Which introduces Ouroborus of Bible.

Ouroborus of the Bible

“You see, the bible is a sort of infinity. species of erobos.”

I arrive at a pitch black cave. It is underwater, yet the awareness is in breathable air. TLALOC (?)
The hand of a reptile-type human, palm upward. It rises from the waters, grand and archetypal.
Illumination in the cave, color of radiation green. (Like distant mushroom-gem things (?) (wtf) upon the cave). [Sup, Amon :sunglasses: :sunglasses:]

Think of Darkness, Unmanifest ect as a sort of putty, it puts on the glove of Amon. this amon-glove rises above the waters (which is a banging motif my dudes and queens) (like pls connect to babylonian and sumerian stuff)…

Tofu takes a poop on the Bible

Genesis 1:1 1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.


So, Blindness. Thy darkness over surfaces, formlessness, and empty ect. This is “in a cave, BLINDNESS!”.
Much is going on on. In Darkness is Motion, and motion understands texture. In Darkness is Density. These are some of the ??? Ingredients, maybe?, {?Tlaloc?} That Are Before Genesis 1:1


“Spice Talk Time”
Goetic Phenix, it’s your time…(37 goetia)

Spirit pals


Re periodic table: gotta wonder how it got it’d name. There aren’t many periods printed on it so why period-ic? That’s just food for thought.
Enjoying reading you , keep it up :slight_smile:


lil gem

Here is a hidden gem about pathworkings. Specifically I refer to the Lucifer and the Hidden Demons’ psychopomp, who did teach me this.

At the final pathworking image, you have been advised to go back to the first image, to “leave” the pathworking.

After doing the opposite for darn near a year with select spirits, I have notes.

to Remain

Raziel was my primary experiment for about 6 months. I would perform her pathworking, and remain at that final pathworking image. I would go and do normal shit, like work.

It mixes your XYZ (essence?) with the XYZ of the Spirit. You take on their qualities and like “mode of operation” within you.

With Raziel, Colors are a sort of “spirit flavor” that I can commune with. It has the quality of mystery in that I can upon occasion weave a thread from a known mythos to more forgotten pantheons.

With Sandalphon, who taught me a shroom-y dissolving of veils between myself and bits of nature. The Sephirothic Spheres sound like church hymns sung in a mossy medival castle. Beautiful echoing. “Mighty and Worthy” seems to be the flavor of the month title at Malkuth today.

You know what really en-livens me, as of late? Amducias and the Notes. ~ The Notes of Pan’s Flute
Now there is a banging motif!

Travel the Qlippoth with Musical Notes! Think of all the spheres on the tree as humming one of several musical notes. Working with Amducias (psychopomp, basically), getting a feel for one of several musical notes is significant. It is as tuning into the radio channel or tv station “material” that forms, constitutes a sphere, ex a Qlippothic Sphere. This is significant. It constitutes an avenue to traverse El Acher, that I have not heard anything about. So here I give my ego a lil pat on the back. Tofu is traveling :sunglasses::sunglasses: